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    See what Customers say!

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

About Us

Here's some cool info you didnt know!

WatercoolingUK was born back in 2004, when watercooling was a very new idea, very much un-tested and struggling to break through into what we now see as the mainstream of computer cooling, for high end systems or for systems needing ultimate silence, or just because it looks cool right?

From the off-set supporting small manufacturers and community based product sellers, through to the major brands in this market like XSPC, EK Waterblocks, Hardware Labs and many more, over the years we've helped to create part of today's flourishing market here in the UK with a vast selection of products on offer.

Many years ago, we started up on eBay as a route to market but quickly switched to eCommerce website sales within 6 months. Being sales successful for over 17 years, due to our keen eye for pricing and knowing what you guys really want, has been key to our success. Now in 2021, in this ever changing world, we have seen an increase in demand due to many people having to work from home, or just gaming their way through lockdown, and a whole new market has opened up that never existed before, thanks to the ever increasing popularity of main stream AIO cooling and Elite gaming! One which clearly has space for the UK's largest Watercooling supplier.

We offer you the largest watercooling range ever seen in the UK, look out for exclusive deals throughout 2021 as we celebrate our 17th Anniversary year!

Ever wanted to know where we are?

Here's our cosy building in Urmston, Manchester!

Over 1,000 sqr ft of Office space, 2,500 sqr ft Warehouse space spread out over 2 floors with reception and seating area and Driver / Pallet access via main carpark. It seems like yesterday when we moved in here, but that was 2009 and we've grown year on year since then.

Our Cosy Building ***** We've moved, update soon *****

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