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Lamptron CP120 V2 PCI Panel Fan Controller - Black

With this fan controller mounted in one of the PCI slots of the enclosure, up to five fans can be connected and controlled simultaneously via 3-pin or 4-pin connectors. ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 6900628402030
 20+ In Stock
£10.91 inc VAT

PHANTEKS Digital RGB Controller Hub for addressable LEDs

The Phanteks Digital RGB Controller Hub provides a low-cost way to retrofit RGB lighting with addressable LEDs or daisy-chain existing lighting to up to nine Phantek D-RGB products. In addition, he has in addition to the remote control and a connector for motherboards with digital 3-pin RGB header and can thus loop through the RGB signal of the mot...
0 Reviews
EAN: 886523001195
 20+ In Stock
£25.42 inc VAT

Lamptron CCM30 Lite programmable fan controller - black

This programmable 4-channel fan control allows temperature-dependent control of the connected fans. As soon as the preset temperature range is exceeded or undershot, the operation of the fan starts or stops. From a temperature of 45 ° C, the Lamptron CCM30 Lite activates the connected fans. If a temperature of 25 ° Celsius is reached afterw...
0 Reviews
EAN: 6900628403020
 20+ In Stock
£24.68 inc VAT

Aqua computer display glass for aquaero 5/6 per

With this tailored fit, clear sheet of acrylic glass owner of a water cooling and fan control type aquaero 5 or 6 per the manufacturer's aqua computer can control the display of its flush with the metal socket flush....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073417648
 20+ In Stock
£6.84 inc VAT

Aquacomputer Real Time Clock for Aquaero 5

Option module for aquaero 5 XT, PRO and aquaero 5 aquaero 5 LT (not included). The Real Time Clock Aussteckmodul complements aquaero fan controller to a battery clock....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073415101
 4 In Stock
£20.22 inc VAT

Aqua computer poweradjust 3 USB, Ultra-Version

The poweradjust 3 is an autonomous single-channel fan / pump control, the kann.Das be also used as aquabus extension for a aquaero 5 or 6 aquaero poweradjust 3 is primarily for the control of Laing DDC and D5 pump and powerful fans optimized, but also other consumers with up to 30 watts continuous power (up to 36 watts with optional passive cooler)...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073417952
  In Stock
£42.04 inc VAT

Aquacomputer aluminum front bezel for Aquaero 5 XT - Black

If you want to integrate the high-end air and water cooling control Aquaero 5 XT Aqua Computer in a black housing front panel needs this for a flush style....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073413510
 2 In Stock
£10.91 inc VAT

Lamptron temperature sensor, 2-pin - 720 mm

Does this sound familiar: The new fan control is installed, the fragile temperature sensor attached and now the temperatures are to be displayed. But often enough a bit too much pressure or an unfavorable mounting and a temperature sensor indicates the fan control continues no values - broken !!!...
0 Reviews
EAN: 6900628127018
Out Of Stock
£6.66 inc VAT

SPECIAL OFFER Aqua Computer front bezel for aquaero 5 XT aluminum black

Aqua Computer front bezel for aquaero 5 XT aluminum black...
0 Reviews
SKU: CB8_70177
EAN: 4260073413510
 4 In Stock
£1.20 inc VAT

Thermaltake Commander FT fan control

The Commander FT Touchscreen Fan Controller is the first fan controller made by Thermaltake. It combines attractive design with an intuitive interface and is a useful supplement to control various case fans....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4717964401113
 4 In Stock
£38.92 inc VAT

Aquacomputer faceplate for aquaero 5 and 6 PRO Aluminium black

If you would like to integrate the high-end Aquaero 5 Pro air and water cooling control from Aqua Computer into a black housing front, you need this trim for a flush style....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073413503
  In Stock
£10.91 inc VAT

Aquacomputer aquaero 5 LT USB fan-controller

The Aquaero to call a fan control, although formally correct, missed the core, however, as well as the declaration of a Ferrari as a car....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073413541
  In Stock
£55.88 inc VAT
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