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Water Cooling Kits

If figuring out what you need for watercooling your system has you vexed, you’re in the right place. Our selection of complete pc water cooling kits offer all-in-one solutions for providing any system with the most advanced cooling on the market. Choose from manufacturers including XSPC, Enermax, Phobya and more.

The kits come ready to install. Be sure to check the space you have available in your case and consider your cooling needs when ordering for the best possible results.

EK Water Blocks EK-KIT P280

The EK-KIT P280 is the ultimate liquid cooling kit dedicated to all users who seek the easiest way to start with their first custom loop at the best price-performance ratio on the market! Everything you need to assemble your first custom loop with carefully chosen components that will last you a long time!...
0 Reviews
SKU: WAEK-1249
EAN: 3831109863480
 1 In Stock
£332.20 inc VAT

Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H80i V2 complete watercooling

Corsair now offers a broad portfolio of efficient and powerful all-in-one water cooling to, the entry-level system, to high-end, everything is represented. To the latter genus counts clearly the Hydro H80i V2. Compared to many other AIO water cooling systems, it has a particularly thick heat whereby the surface for heat dissipation is increasing st...
0 Reviews
EAN: 843591071529
  In Stock
£89.98 inc VAT
Spend £275+ for finance

Silverstone SST-TD02-Slim Tundra Complete water cooling - 240mm

Silverstone expands the Tundra series of its complete water cooling systems to the SST-TD02 in the Slim version. Suitable for almost all modern processors achieved this complete system a height of only 37 mm, which can also be installed in enclosures where space is limited and small form factor. The 240-radiator and two 120 mm fans provide sufficie...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4710007222270
 2 In Stock
£85.58 inc VAT
Spend £275+ for finance

EK Water Blocks EK-KIT L360 R2.0

EK Water Blocks has developed in recent years become one of the best known manufacturers in the watercooling sector. Particularly impressive is the variety of products that covers almost all CPUs, graphics cards and motherboards of the major manufacturers. In addition, various versions are available within the categories often still. In short: Ha...
0 Reviews
SKU: WAEK-1084
EAN: 3831109863329
  In Stock
£279.40 inc VAT

Aqua computer airplex Gigant 3360 - Aluminium

Aqua Computer is one of the best known manufacturers in the watercooling segment and serves nearly the entire range of products with high quality solutions made ​​in Germany. With the revolutions now the radiator section is concerned with a new model, which now marks the high-end line. The high-performance radiators airplex ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073416405
 1 In Stock
£673.99 inc VAT

Aquacomputer airplex giant 1680 incl aquaero 6 Pro - Aluminum

Version of airplex giant 1680 aluminum with pre-installed watercooling control aquaero 6 Pro from aqua computer!  aqua computer is one of the best known manufacturers in the watercooling segment and serves nearly the entire range of products with high quality solutions made in Germany. With the revolutions now the radi...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073417587
 1 In Stock
£733.57 inc VAT

EK Water Blocks EK Watercooling KIT X240

The EK-KIT X240 is the flagship performance water cooling kit dedicated to all users who seek best performing, yet quality built and efficient all-in-one solution.EK-Supremacy is a universal CPU water block that fits all modern CPU sockets with a universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less insta...
0 Reviews
EAN: 3831109863251
 2 In Stock
£342.32 inc VAT

Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black

Koolance offers a wide range of articles in the field of water cooling , which ranges from about heatsinks and radiators fittings to pumps and hoses. Thus, the manufacturer knows exactly what it offers its discerning customers....
0 Reviews
EAN: 0829596907186
 4 In Stock
£401.64 inc VAT

Intel Thermal Solution TS13X Complete Watercooling System

Compact, pre-assembled water cooling systems have been enjoying great popularity for some time. Intel is of course not escaped and has now brought the Thermal Solution TS13X a powerful cooling solution on the market. In this case, the set is aimed at the enthusiast Intel users who still want to put the finishing touches to its CPU. The strong c...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5032037052597
Out Of Stock
£87.72 inc VAT
Spend £275+ for finance
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