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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black [ZM-SF140A3]

Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black
Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black
Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black
Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black


With the SF140 fan, manufacturer Zalman once again shows how it got its reputation to drive innovations in the PC cooling area and also to set design accents.

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EAN: 8809213769870
Warranty: 12 Months
£60.66 inc VAT
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The SF140 is anything but a standard 140 mm fan. At first glance, the viewer notices that the usual external frame is missing. Instead, there are four bars with which the fan is screwed on. The innovative fan design is also used, nine large and an additional nine small fan blades center the air flow and thus ensure extremely efficient cooling.

The features of the Zalman SF140 fan at a glance:
- Innovative 140 millimeter fan with RGB lighting
- Hydrodynamic plain bearing for high performance, quiet operation and long durability
- Frameless design minimizes noise and vibrations
- Optimized dual-blade rotor blades optimize contact pressure and airflow
- Speed range from 800 to 1500 rpm, delivery volume of max. 103.6 m³ / h
- 4-pin PWM and 3-pin RGB connection, including low-noise adapter

Zalman SF140: Innovative design for high efficiency and quiet operation
The fan blades arranged in a double row are called dual-blade impellers and ensure that the air flow is centered and thus the volume flow including air flow increases significantly. In addition, the noise level is also reduced. The Zalman SF140 also lacks the outer ring. Instead, there are only four webs that start from the hub. Thanks to this, vibrations are reduced and the noise level is reduced again. At these struts, the fan is decoupled and decoupled with the help of silicone pins or attached to the housing with screws.

The fan blades are connected to the engine with a hydrodynamic bearing. With a fine oil film, this ensures additional smoothness, even at high revs, reduces friction and thus additional heat. This increases the lifespan of the fan, which Zalman specifies with at least 100,000 operating hours.

Even with the design of the SF140, Zalman does not stop and, in addition to the changed shape, has also integrated a digitally addressable RGB lighting that can be connected to suitably equipped mainboards thanks to the 3-pin connector (5VDG), which has now become the standard. LEDs are located in the hub and also on the webs, thus ensuring an incomparable lighting effect. Zalman has done everything right in terms of technology and appearance with the SF140 and offers a top-class 140 mm fan.

Perfectly controlled with the Z-Sync controller / hub from Zalman
The Z-Sync controller / hub from Zalman has eight channels to which digital addressable RGB LEDs can be connected. RGB LED products with a total current of 4 amps can be connected in the 3-pin connectors. In this way, even more than eight RGB LED components can be connected using a distribution cable or daisy chaining.

The Z-Sync controller / hub from Zalman can be easily installed thanks to the double-sided adhesive strips already attached. With a height of only 12 millimeters, the Z-Sync can also be attached to the back of a mainboard tray. With its side dimensions of 79 x 49 millimeters, it easily fits into a free 2.5-inch SSD slot. The power supply is via SATA cable via the power supply. To connect to the mainboard, it must have a free USB 2.0 header. As soon as the controller is connected, the RGBs are controlled via the Zalman-Z-Sync or Razer-Chroma software.

Technical details fan:
- Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 26 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: approx. 130 g
- Color: black, transparent
- LED lighting: RGB, 3-pin (5VDG)
- Speed: 800 - 1500 rpm
- Funding volume: max. 103.6 m³ / h
- Volume: max. 29 dB (A)
- Voltage: 12 V.
- Current:
- Fan: 200 mA
- LEDs: 300 mA
- Connection: 4-pin PWM
- Cable length: approx. 700 mm
- Life expectancy: 100,000 h

Scope of delivery:
- 1x fan
- 1x low noise connector
- 1x adapter cable for Gigabyte mainboards
- 4x screws
- 4x silicone decoupling pins


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Zalman 140mm ZM-SF140 ARGB Triple Pack incl.controller - black
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