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SPECIAL OFFER WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump [5060175583673]

WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
4/5 | 3 Reviews | Write your Review* Currency conversions are based on live rates. All orders are billed in GBP
This pump is the first pumping worldwide Which is used in mass-produced watercooled workstations and is ideal for the watercooling of processors and electronic components. Due to its compact size and its power it can be used for many applications.
This DC pump is an electronically commuted ball engine pump with an estimated life span of more than 50.000hrs at 12V. The only moving part on the pump is the spherically shaped rotor unit Which is sitting on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramics bearing ball.

A conventional shaft with bearings and seals is not used or needed. The spherical bearing of the rotor unit on the ceramics bearing ball has many advantages: The development of bearing clearance is technically impossible Which results in the impossibility of noise level increase over the life span of the pump.
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SKU: 664-5FF-E74
MPN: 6500043
EAN: 5060175583673
Warranty: 12 Months


The bearing is self-adjusting, making the pump consistently quiet in operation over the full life span. The pump is lubricated directly by the coolant (wet-running pump). Therefore no maintenance is required.
As the rotor is magnetically held in place even small dirt particles pose no problem for the mechanism, a blocking of the pump is not possible under normal operating conditions. Even after a long period of standstill reliable operation is ensured. The permanent magnetic rotor unit is driven by a magnetic field frictionlessly Which is produced by the surrounding stator.

The stator is built completely around the rotor, therefore the pump is with its 38mm only slightly higher than the stator unit. It therefore fits almost any PC in a case, may it be Super or tower barebone. A separate magnetic shielding is usually not required. The ball motor principle Allows powerful yet power-saving operation. The pump can be regulated by power variations of the DC operating voltage over a wide range. All parts in touch with the coolant are completely corrosion free.

Technical details:

Dimensions (WxDxH): 62x62x38mm (without fittings)
Motor: Electronically commuted ball bearing motor
Nominal voltage: 12V DC
Nominal power consumption: 18W
Certified voltage: 6 to 13.2
Pressure head at 12V: 4,7 m
Maximum flow rate: 600l / h
Coolant: Water / glycol / glycol mixtures
Maximum system temperature: 60 ° C
Materials in contact with the coolant: Stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-ring, aluminum oxide, hard coal
Fittings: 2 x 3 / 8 "barbed fittings (For hoses with an outer diameter of 10mm and 8mm inner diameter)

Pumps speedometer: With 3-pin Molex connector as pump pulse output (for mainboard or control units)

Note: The pump is the latest revision.

ATTENTION: Due to the power of the pump may min with only one cycle. 1 cooler will be operated. When operating without load can blow the pump.

Important: The Laing pump's electronics are not waterproof. Please make sure that the electronic components Do Come not in contact with water during installation or when working on the pump. When replacing the top always Ensure a proper fit of the O-ring seal and avoid spills when filling the reservoir Laing. Damages due to water in the electronic components are not replaced by Laing!


Customer Reviews


Written By Dean on Sat 26th May 18, 13:40

Nice replacement pump for a great price
good flow rate quiet and fast delivery
thank you very much WCUK

Very low flow rate

Written By Anonymous on Wed 23rd May 18, 14:36

I'm not sure if this is just a bad unit, or a bad design so just to be clear my only experience is with this one unit. Sadly I bought it over a month ago as part of a build that I started yesterday so it is too late to return it.

This pump only got as far as the leak test on my system, the flow was barely a trickle so I thought at first it was undervolted, but confirmed it was getting 12V. It wasn't enough flow to push the residual bubbles out of the first block and by the time it got to the radiator it couldn't fill the outlet tube. It was a dribble down the inside wall of the tubing.

For context I run a hard tube custom loop, the first block is 4 inches above the pump on a 45 degree angle. The highest point of the loop is 15 inches about the pump, and the return to inlet comes down 12 inches of vertical tube.

Do yourself a favour and spend the extra for one of the top end Laing or EK DDC's

Customer Rating

Rated By Anonymous on Tue 8th May 18, 12:40

Submitted a rating of 5 out of 5.

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WCUK Spec 12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
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