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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB [MZ-V8V250BW]

SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB
SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB
SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB
SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB


The fast M.2 SSD with PCIe 3.0 standard delivers solid performance values with a write speed of up to 1,300 MB / s and a maximum read speed of 2,900 MB / s.

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EAN: 8806090572234
Warranty: 12 Months
£46.92 inc VAT
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The module enables fast data transfers, and games and programs start quickly. The SSD can be monitored in the in-house software Samsung Magician.

The features of the Samsung 980 NVMe SSD at a glance:
Modern M.2 SSD with PCI Express 3.0 standard and NVMe 1.4
Capacity of 250 GB, max. 45 GB SLC cache
Optimized Samsung Pablo controller
Maximum read speed of 2,900 MB / s
Maximum write speed of 1,300 MB / s
Maximum IOPS 4KB reading: 230,000 and writing: 320,000
MBTF: 1.5 million hours
Manufacturer warranty: 5 years or 150 TBW (TB Written)
M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD with high read and write speed

The proven Samsung Pablo controller supports four PCI Express lanes of the 3.0 standard. Thanks to the high NAND IO speeds of the 3D NAND memory, four channels are sufficient for the controller to connect the flash memory. In connection with the built-in 3D-NAND-TLC, the 250 GB SSD of the 980 series from Samsung achieves a solid 2,900 MB / s when reading and 1,300 MB / s when writing, as well as good IOPS values of 230,000 in 4KB read or 320,000 in 4KB-Write.

Up to 45 GB is reserved as an SLC cache for quick write operations. The Dynamic Thermal Guard algorithm ensures a low operating temperature even under high loads and thus minimizes heat-related drops in performance. With the Full Power Mode, the SSD can always be kept in an active mode so that graphics-intensive games or large files can be opened without delay after a break. This mode is activated through the Samsung Magician software.

Efficient 3D-NAND TLC with 128 layers
In the Samsung 980's 3D NAND memory, the memory cells are stacked in several layers. The triple-level cell architecture (TLC) makes it possible to store three bits per cell. This means that larger amounts of storage can be installed in a smaller area. The memory of the 980 with a total capacity of 250 GB is only equipped on one side, so that it has increased compatibility and can be installed in many notebooks thanks to its flat design.

The Samsung Pablo controller supports the NVMe 1.4 protocol and can also reserve up to 64 MB of the CPU DRAM via the host memory buffer (HMB) in order to accelerate memory operations. Furthermore, the memory of the SSD is always kept clean and tidy with the help of the auto garbage collection algorithm. Samsung guarantees an MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of at least 1.5 million hours and gives a guarantee of 5 years or 150 TBW.

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 80.15 x 2.38 x 22.15 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: g
- Format and interface: M.2 / M-Key 2280 (PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.4)
- Capacity: 250 GB
- Cache: SLC cache (max. 45 GB)
- Controller: Samsung Pablo
- NAND: 3D-NAND TLC, Samsung, 128 Layer (V-NAND v6)
- Performance (PCIe 3.0):
- Read: max. 2,900 MB / s
- Write: max. 1,300 MB / s
- IOPS (4KB Random Read, QD32): 230,000
- IOPS (4KB Random Write, QD32): 320,000
- Power consumption (idle / read / write): 0.045 / 3.7 / 3.2 W.
Compatibility (Features): NVMe 1.4, TRIM, S.M.A.R.T., 256-Bit AES, TCG / Opal 2.0, IEEE 1667 (Encrypted Drive), Garbage Collection, - Dynamic Thermal Guard
- Average life expectancy: 1.5 million h (MBTF)
- Guaranteed write volume (TBW): 150 TB (as long as 5 years manufacturer guarantee)
- Operating temperature: 0 to 70 ° C
- Shock resistant up to: 1,500 G


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SAMSUNG 980 NVMe SSD, PCIe 3.0 M.2 type 2280 - 250 GB
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