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    Our Customers Love Us!

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RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm [0R100018]

RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
4/5 | 11 Reviews | Write your Review* Currency conversions are based on live rates. All orders are billed in GBP
The portfolio of relatively young brand RaiJintek can rely on the years of experience of the company founders and their excellent knowledge and an unbridled spirit of innovation. "Designed in Germany" - it shows then also evident in the combination of excellent performance, incredibly good value and tremendous versatility.

Latest revision 3 now in stock

Ships with Red, Blue and Green dye, you choose your colour!
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This product is currently out of stock or EOL, please contact us for an ETA.

Warranty: 12 months


With the Triton RaiJintek the designers want to know it right and show a strong cooling solution with double heat exchanger, clued pump unit and an illuminated reservoir that can be filled with one supplied by four liquids. However, although the dual radiator has a particularly large heat dissipation performance with its high density of aluminum fins, it is because of its 240-mm format but compatible with most housings that have two 120-mm fan slots next to each other, including for example the RaiJintek Agos or Arcadia.

Already at the first critical point in the heat transfer between CPU and Waterblock namely, the Triton trumps powerful. Meanwhile, silver nickel plated copper cold plate has microchannels and an extra large surface to tiny contact Fins. Additionally, two flow directions are added, whereby the liquid coolant is given a particularly effective heat capacity. But first, the cooling liquid must reach the radiator to dissipate the heat there in the ambient air can.

And thus the individual claims to the optics of your own system are not neglected, RaiJintek are the Triton four different liquids on the way, with transparent Coolent is already prefilled and red, blue and green liquid can optionally be added. The two tubes are transparent and the 350-ml reservoir as well, so that the desired color your own system can extremely upgrade. So that the effect is even stronger, the reservoir with the liquid is illuminated by two LEDs.

Technical Details:

     Dimensions: 275 x 120 x 32 mm (W x H x D)
     Material: Aluminum
    Pump / Reservoir:
     Dimensions: 38 x 56 x 39 mm (W x H x D)
     Volume: 350 ml
     Material: graphite (Pipe), ceramics (axis)
     Engine speed: 3,000 r / min
     Flow rate: 120 l / h
     Volume: 20 dB (A)
     Voltage: 12 V
     Power consumption: 4 W
     Life expectancy: 50,000 hours
     Connector: 3-Pin
     Type: 2x 120 mm
     Speed: 1000-2600 r / min (+/- 10%)
     Stroke: 65.7 to 169.7 m³ / h
     Static Pressure: 0.74 to 4.82 mm H2O
     Noise level: 21.6 to 36.6 dB (A)
     Connector: 3-pin (with manual control and 4-pin Molex adapters)
     Tube diameter: 9,5 / 12,5 mm ID / OD
     Intel socket 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3
     AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, FM1, FM2, FM2 +

  • TRITON Installation Guide  [ 5 MB ]
    This version includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and more


Customer Reviews

Raijintek Triton AIO

Written By William Fowler on Sun 6th Mar 16, 10:16

Very nice radiator unit but; the hoses are too long / too soft in that they kinked and cut the cooling. My i7 was baking at 87 degrees C when I twigged what the hell was happening to my pc. The constructor of my pc should have known better, I consider myself as having been sold a pup.

Good Service

Written By Michael Capocci on Fri 5th Feb 16, 12:48

Update on previous review: WaterCoolingUK have been great and facilitated my refund from Raijintek and a replacement GPU.

They also offered a good deal on one of their watercooling bundles. It was surprisingly easy to assemble and set up, and cools almost 10 degrees better on average than the Triton, which is a huge difference.

Knowing what I know now, I'd have given their kit a go in the first place :)

Still Leaking...

Written By Michael Capocci on Fri 4th Dec 15, 14:30

I bought one of these in the hope that the later revisions had solved the problem of cracking reservoirs.

Worked flawlessly for nearly 6 months then spontaneously cracked, dribbled onto my graphics card and killed it.

Thankfully watercooling.co.uk are being excellent in helping me claim a replacement GPU from Raijintek - I will update once this is successful.

Customer Rating

Rated By Anonymous on Thu 23rd Apr 15, 14:53

Submitted a rating of 5 out of 5.

Great Cooler

Written By Mick on Tue 3rd Feb 15, 18:29

Got this cooler to go into my new build, mATX case, didn\'t fit properly without kinking the tubing ( could have shortened with some DIY ) so decided to use it in my ATX case instead which had a Corsair H110. Was very surprised to see it actually cools around 5-6 degrees better on full stress test, even idols cooler ( even though idol temps don\'t really mean or prove anything ). Looks amazing with the colour added as well. No need for the back plate if installing on a LGA 2011 - kinda confused me why the instructions say you need to install backplate for LGA 2011. There are a few air bubbles in the loop but that didn\'t really bother me, they will sort themselves out after a while I am sure. Don\'t delay, purchase today whilst they have them in stock!

Working well. But...

Written By Matt Brown on Tue 30th Dec 14, 18:31

Right let me first say this product is nice. It has a good looking aesthetic, it came with no fin damage ,was nicely packaged and gave good performance.
Now here are my issues. The fans that came with the product were not the ones shown in all the pictures they were some janky generic ones you\'d expect to find a cheap PC.. This for a start annoyed it. After taking it out and looking over it I noticed a few small bits floating around the loop but nothing major. The main issue that me and a friend found was there was a **** load of air in the system which I had to spend 30 minutes bleeding out, which also means the warranty stick had to be removed even though I wasn\'t adding dye to the water.
After I bleed as much as I could there is still a lot of air. I will have to empty the entire loop and fill it up my self properly and I hope the water has anti corrosion fluids... Final thoughts? I\'m still happy with the system and have no plans to return it.

Good overall

Written By Kris on Sun 7th Dec 14, 16:57

Got this to replace my old NH-D14 and it did a good job at it. This product is in my opinion much prettier than all asetek alike units. Temps with small OC (i5 ivy 4.2-1.21v) on min fan RPM 56.25, max RPM 51.75 vs Noctua\'s 59.75 (12vfans) after 30min OCCT.On the plus points - Good build quality (looks more like custom WC loop), customization options with coloured dyes and 2 LED\'s, also might be possible to change rad as there are compression fittings on it, easy installation, very good temperatures, comes with fan controller as well. On the minus points pump could be quieter and most important - if you open the cap to add the colour you loose warranty. Hope that will help if you\'r considering buying this product. I had it on black Friday sale for 60£ and for that price it\'s a steal. No-brainer 5* product for me.


Written By Alex R on Wed 26th Nov 14, 23:51

I decided to wait for this to be released before my first venture into water cooling, and I\'m very glad I did. It cools far, far better than my last fan and heatsink.

I\'m running an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5GHz. Performing a Prime95 torture test with this and it\'s barely hitting 50°C at full load, with my old cooler I\'d be lucky to stay below 80 at 4.2GHz! That\'s a 30°C difference which is miles better than I was expecting.

All in all, highly recommended.

RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit - 240mm

Written By kennethblanchard on Wed 26th Nov 14, 16:31

I got one of these just to try to see what the others said about this was ok what they were say and I can only say there right theses are brilliant very easy to set up and the temps you wouldn\'t believe id go to say better than a corsair h100i id recommend this unit to any body.10/10 from me

Simple and effective

Written By Simon Dew on Thu 20th Nov 14, 21:40

I didnt have much hope for this kit to be honest, i was utterly blown away though, this cools so much better than i thought it would. So cheap as well.

Recommended 5 star

love this for the price

Written By Craig Raul on Thu 13th Nov 14, 21:48

I was fortunate enough to get one of these from Raijintek to review for my channel on You Tube, i really love the product, the build quality and even more so the price tag.

We reviewed this best on test. I\'m glad to see wcuk supporting the product launch!

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RAIJINTEK Triton Complete Water Cooling Kit V3 - 240mm
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