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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English) [KW9-00139]

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)


Microsoft is the most famous and largest software developers in the world and with its Windows operating systems in all markets of the planet is the undisputed number 1 in the PC segment. The long-awaited Windows 10 is the official successor of Windows 8.1 and provides a wealth of new features (Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, virtual desktops), support for modern technologies (Continuum for tablets, ?? Hello ?? - Biometrics functions) and return to the majority of users estimated virtues of popular pre-predecessor Windows 7 (new old customizable start menu). The system requirements remain the same for desktops or laptops with those of Windows 7.

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MPN: KW9-00139
EAN: 0885370922264
Warranty: 12 Months
£134.44 inc VAT
  • USD $184.99 *

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Of the various versions of the new operating system, especially Windows 10 Home or Windows-10-Pro versions for desktop PCs, notebooks or Windows Tablets are relevant with x86 processor architecture for home users in the PC sector. Both versions do not differ in terms of the core components and are equally suitable for everyday use for gaming, multimedia or office systems. However, the Pro version offers much more comprehensive business functions, such as in the areas of network, encryption & security or management & administration, which may be essential for business or enthusiast.

Another difference between the two versions is however with regard to the way in which system updates are provided and also compared with the previous versions of Windows Microsoft is here a fundamentally different way. In order for the operating system up to date and therefore constant remains safely in general, updates for the system and for Apps from the ?? ?? Current Branch will - source 10 Home always forcibly installed in Windows, without allowing user intervention. Only in the Windows-10-Pro version, an update means ?? Current Branch for Business ?? - at least temporarily postponed source, however, are not generally prevented.

Among the essential core components and important innovations of Windows 10:

    This again returned Classic Start menu, which can, however, now with tiles expand and adapt and enlarge to full screen when needed, similar to Windows 8
    Improved window management functions (Snap Assist), especially in the Modern UI apps that can no longer be displayed only in full screen now
    The Continuum function that switches on tablets and (hybrid) notebooks seamlessly between desktop view and touchscreen interface
    The tightly integrated into the operating system language assistant Cortana, with the verbally expressed searches and a number of other commands and commands can be processed
    The option of using virtual desktops for advanced multi-tasking, similar to Linux
    The retreaded default browser Microsoft Edge, which replaces the Internet Explorer, a read mode provides, makes possible annotations and also has a Cortana integration
    To use the Microsoft Hello biometrics services, is using the Windows 10 capable of fingerprint sensors, face recognition or iris scanner to unlock devices
    The Microsoft Passport password manager, which will, in combination with Hello or a security PIN for greater security and more comfortable operation

Of particular interest to gamers is also the integration of heavily revised graphics API DirectX 12, which is similar to AMD's Mantle interface thanks to systems programming relieve the processor and so far can tap untapped computing potential of modern graphics cards to release so sometimes enormous power reserves for the same hardware. Can therefore benefit a graphics card from the performance improvements and use the new API functions well, it must dominate the so-called feature levels 12_X while the feature levels 11_X allow only a basic compatibility with DirectX 12 without support for new features.

When driver support graphics cards are an exception, because they need under Windows 10 necessarily an adjusted to the new OS WDDM 2.0 driver, while all other devices with Windows 7 or Windows 8 8.1 drivers work in principle /. Even otherwise, applications and software are generally compatible with Windows 10, as long as they have been run on the previous Windows operating systems 7 or 8. A small but exciting novelty is in Windows 10 that Microsoft sells the operating system as an installation medium for the first time not only on a classic optical media, but also on USB sticks.

Version Note:
Here is the English DSP / SB version of Windows 10 Home (64-bit) that is delivered in this case on a good old DVD as the installation medium.

Technical Details:

    Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)
    System Requirements
    Processor: 1 GHz or faster
    RAM: 2 GB
    Hard disk space: 20 GB
    Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM 2.0 driver


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Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit, DSP / SB - DVD (English)
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