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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black [2X140MM SQUARE BLACK MESH/MAGN]

Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black
Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black
Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black
Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black


If it's PC after half a year opens again to perhaps install new hardware, you ask yourself often, whether the number cruncher is not yet describe more as a vacuum cleaner. What makes it easier on the one hand - just imagine just how much more often should the room be cleaned when all the dirt would not be caught by the computer as a precaution - means elsewhere costly cleanup of the PC's interior.
DEMCiflex offers this to a particularly simple retrofit solution that is suitable in this case for 240-mm radiators. Here, the filter easily set from the outside of the housing on the corresponding opening in the housing and is held there magnetically. Therefore, no screws or the like necessary, so there are no compatibility restrictions. Since not all positions are magnetically attracted fans, includes an additional frame supplied with the glued on the back and turn the filter is held.
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Warranty: 12 Months
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The safest it can be seen on the fan itself, which are present on the outside or inside of the fan frame two arrows. Shows one of the two arrows in the direction of the interior or the rotor suspension aligned to the interior, there is a one-sucking fan. These are usually located at the front, side and bottom, while the rear and top fans usually carry the air from the housing and therefore does not need to be filtered.
In order to maximize the filter effect, an overpressure can be generated in the housing. This means that more air volume is pressed into the housing, as the same time is sucked from other fans from the housing. This prevents air from entering (and with it the dust) through other openings in the interior space that can not possibly filtered.
Are all the fans the same size, so should have more fans blowing out than move into the housing. Here, the power supply as an additional, pulling out fan is to be included, unless it's supply (fan page) is not directly from the outside (it happens when floor mounted). Is it different fans with different sizes and speeds to give the corresponding volume of air (m³ / h) in the data sheets for a good reference value, which in turn the overall volume of an absorbent must be higher than that of the fan blowing out.
Note: The area around the used slot fan should be flat and have no protruding parts where possible. This may otherwise interfere with the adhesion to the substrate.
 • Size (frame): 280 x 140 mm
 • Size (filter): 270 x 130 mm
 • Compatibility: 2x 140mm fan slot
 • material (filter): polyester mesh
 • Colour: black (part), black (filters)
 • Installation: mounting frame
 • Benefits:
 Fast assembly
 No compatibility restrictions
 Quick and easy cleaning
 Effective filter effect at high air permeability
 Durable fabric


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Demciflex Dust Filter for 280mm Radiators - Black / Black
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