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Black Ice SR2 Xtreme+ 280 MP Multi Port Radiator - Satin White
Black Ice SR2 Xtreme+ 280 MP Multi Port Radiator - Satin White

Black Ice SR2 Xtreme+ 280 MP Multi Port Radiator - Satin White


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EAN: 4806518485102
Warranty: 12 months

The Black Ice® PC Radiators ushered the dawn of professional PC watercooling over 10 years ago with the Black Ice® Pro and Xtreme series. These were followed by the groundbreaking Black Ice® Gen Two, GTS® and GTX ® PC radiators, providing unprecedented performance for compact form factor heat exchangers.

The Black Ice® SR2™ MP delivers the next level in ultra-stealth PC radiator performance.


The Black Ice® SR2™ MP delivers the next level in ultra-stealth PC radiator performance.

The new Black Ice® SR2™ 280 MP uses the same ultra-stealth optimized Black Ice>® SR2™ compact Xtreme+ core design in a dual-140mm fan form factor. This gives performance enthusiasts a high flow, acoustically balanced and scalable PC radiator platform.

Technical details:
140 mm x 2 fan Xtreme+ form factor 3-row radiator
312mm x 153mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
9 FPI 45 Micron Copper Fins
Optimized for sub-800 rpm ultra-stealth fans
Supercruise™ optimizations for scalable performance with higher speed fans
50% more tubing area than the Black Ice® SR1-280
Increased internal coolant flow rates optimized for multi-stage cooling configurations
Standard G 1/4" inlet/outlet fittings
Standard M4 mounting threads
Compatible with Black Ice® GTX® 280 and Black Ice® SR1® 280 radiators
Custom Satin White high quality finish
Fully ROHS Compliant
100% Made from conflict-free materials
Industry standard Black Ice® quality
Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects*
* Limited warranty information:

Recommended Capacity Stealth Supercruise 8-Core CPU GPU SLI/Crossfire Fans
SR2-120 MP 420W 1 1 X 120mm
SR2-240 MP 950W TRIPLE 2 X 120mm
SR2-360 MP 1500W QUAD 3 X 120mm
SR2-480 MP 2000W QUAD 4 X 120mm
SR2-140 MP 500W 1 1 X 140mm
SR2-280 MP 1100W TRIPLE 2 X 140mm
SR2-420 MP 1800W QUAD 3 X 140mm
SR2-560 MP 2350W QUAD 4 X 140mm

Product Reviews:
- Xtremerigs - ER GOLD Award
- ProClockers - Highly Recommended Award

Black Ice SR2 MP Mounting Diagram  [ 40 kb ]
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Excellent, with a few nitpicks

I will update this review when I have completed my loop.
First things first, this rad is beautiful, I actually didn't intend to get the white rad, but now I'm thinking about switching up my build just to emphasise it.
I can't personally comment on performance, since I'm still waiting on the rest of my loop, but look it up, it's top tier with low rpm fans or push only set ups.
Now the less good things, it scratches insanely easily, I was handling it with kid gloves and I still manage to scratch the paint, also up close the paint is pretty poorly applied, obviously layed on thick rather than a layed on carefully, but from more than a foot away you can't see that. The included plugs are plastic, but there are 4 extra, which is a fair trade in my opinion. What's more annoying is they're Alan key style plugs rather than flat heads. Would have been nice to see a couple of extra screws included since they're far easier to lose than plugs, but that's just nit picking.
As a slight aside the customer service from WCUK is excellent, so I'd strongly recommend going with them if you have any choice.

Written By Jackson Horne on Mon 15th Feb 16, 18:16

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