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Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump - Ultra Version
Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump - Ultra Version
Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump - Ultra Version
Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump - Ultra Version

Aquacomputer Aquastream XT USB 12V Pump - Ultra Version


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SKU: 49046
MPN: 41061
EAN: 4049469032272
Warranty: 12 months

The new aquastream pump will be completely redesigned successor to the tried and tested aquastream Rev. 3.5, the absolute pinnacle of development in virtually noiseless pump for water cooling systems dar. This includes the pump is not only the classic pump functions, but is a highly integrated microprocessor-controlled measuring and control system for your cooling system is how it is unique.

Compared to previous models of functions has increased dramatically. All variants of aquastream now have a USB interface, which is possible to monitor and control even without connecting to a aquaero. The control function can be controlled aquasuite with our well-known and freely downloadable from our website Windows software. Depending on the activated software version of the pump is also the first time a fan output, temperature sensors, and a connection for a flow sensor are available. In the maximum configuration means that all key monitoring and control functions for a water cooling system is already integrated into the pump.


New features include a rotation detection and automatic determination of the maximum frequency, so that ensures reliable operation even at maximum pumping capacity. In contrast to previous models is on the aquastream the control board integrated into the pump housing without providing the housing needed to be enlarged.

The pump in detail:
Maximum performance with smart electronics
The mechanics of the pump is also based on the proven technology Eheim whose smoothness is unsurpassed. Compared with the previous models, the maximum grant amount was increased to 4.2 m sensational. This is the aquastream one of the most powerful pumps on the market and is almost silent. This was achieved by a highly intelligent control of complex algorithms and sensor systems. Permanently and 1,000 times per second rotor position, current, power and voltage are determined. Hence an optimal control is calculated. Depending on the system, the pump can work internally min up to 6000 rpm.
The pumping rate is automatically determined by the pump can be set manually or by software. The pump automatically detects the optimum operating point.

The data will be passed on via USB or aquabus and can be evaluated and shown in the aqua suite software. The aqua suite software is a computer for all fish products only once to install application with integrated database, networking (including maintenance), and many tax opportunities.
In parallel, a tachometer signal can be passed on to the motherboard, which can cause errors at the pump switching off the computer.

Naturally, the aquastream still has the Aqua Computer introduced years ago as a pioneer venting program that can be started with a jumper or software. This can now be configured even after their own needs.

The sensor system of the aquastream:
No other competing product can currently offer the function and power spectrum of the aquastream. Our development department has already included the measurement of water temperature at the pump. This measurement can be read out by aquabus of aquaero and used for control. Continue to be determined internally several temperatures of the order required. It has the pump intelligent protective functions: If the temperature exceeds the factory-programmed protection values, the electronics are in a security mode set to avoid the damage. In this case, depending on the temperature taken different strategies.
External connections extend the range of services: can be so directly connected to the pump another external temperature sensor and a flow sensor. Both are evaluated at extremely high accuracy and can be embedded in the alarm table. This incredible number of alarm thresholds and parameters are freely configurable.

Integrated fan control. Intelligent control for super-quiet operation of your system.
You want a high-performance cooling system with one of the best control mechanisms in the world? Then the aquastream the perfect solution. The highly complex integrated PID controller works for you silently in the microprocessor and has only one purpose: to cool your PC to your desired temperature, taking only as quiet as humanly possible to run your fan. This is all calculated using a mathematical model controller which calculates to 1,000 times per second, or new to the necessary fan speed fan, the fan output measures and re-established. Of course without buzzing PWM highly accurate analog output voltage is provided. It also necessary starting your fan speeds are taken into account and automatically executed by the controller.
They want more influence? Then this is handled correctly. All adjustments can be complex, influenced by you, or be selected quickly using pre-configured presets. can be regulated by the internally measured water temperature, external temperature, or by manual specifications.

Of course, in the event of a failure of the fan and an alarm signal is output.
Also was placed on the highest reliability value: If an excessive load is connected to the fan output, recognized by the electronics, this fully automatic. It will initially by the voltage setting to 100% to reach a minimal power loss in the system. This is not sufficient to protect the electronics, then a further alarm and shut off the output.

By the way: It can easily be three airstream fan connected to the output. Hence 360 radiators are easily controlled.

Features in detail:
- Based on the proven technology of Eheim 1046 pump, specially adapted to the requirements of Aqua Computer
- Full ceramic bearing of the pump rotor
- 12 V-pure pump - it will not generate higher voltages
- Low power consumption of typically about 5 W
- Micro processor control with optimized control of pump speed and USB interface for communication with the PC
- Continuous measurement of voltage, current consumption and the recorded line
- Speed signal output with parameterized functions and alarm function
- Ventilation Program
- Aquabus interface to connect to other computer devices Aqua

1x aquastream XT USB 12V Pump
1x ATX connector bridge to start the PC power supply
1x USB cable
1x speed signal cable
1x Jumper
1x English & German language instructions

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