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Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro with lighting option
Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro with lighting option
Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro with lighting option
Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro with lighting option

Aquacomputer Aqualis Pro with lighting option


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MPN: 34039
EAN: 4260073415323
Warranty: 12 months

The reservoir of Aqualis ECO series are equipped with a tube made of borosilicate glass, which in contrast to the frequently used for tube reservoir Plexiglas has a very high hardness and scratch resistance, very low thermal expansion, and excellent chemical and thermal resistance.


 The glass tube has an outer diameter of 75 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm. Bases and covers the Aqualis series are made of Delrin, top and bottom are connected by a nickel-plated brass tube. A visual highlight is the integrated water column effect.
The return line is connected to the central terminal of Aqualis, the water flows through the central tube to the cover and brass occurs there through eight openings, which is particularly in conjunction with lighting an eyecatcher. A thin plexiglass plate near the bottom of the air decreases Aqualis entry into the circulation to a minimum. Alternatively, the return to a side port to be connected, the water then flows back out of the ground in the surge tank. For this configuration, a baffle plate is, in turn, ensures the adequate venting of the circuit.
The Aqualis PRO versions additionally features a built-in floor Plexiglas window and provides space for the installation of up to six LEDs (type 5 mm) and is prewired for additional retrofitting of level measurement.
Technical details:
Dimensions: 80 x 190 x 80 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 400 grams
Scope of supply:
A surge tank
Two plugs G1 / 4 (pre-assembled)
A stainless steel bracket
A baffle plate made of stainless steel

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