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Products related to your search: coollaboratory

We have found 5 products that match your phrase "coollaboratory".

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Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme + cleaning kit

With the Liquid Pro, the German-based manufacturer Coollaboratory introduced the world's first thermal paste made of 100 percent metal, which offers superior heat transfer and therefore climbed the throne of thermal compounds within a very short time. ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260157580244
 10+ In Stock
£10.91 inc VAT

Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad High Performance CPU + Cleaning Kit

Overclocker and Silent fans should pay attention, because with the Liquid MetalPad the company Coollaboratory - known for the revolutionary Liquid Pro liquid metal paste - offers the first thermal pad, which consists of 100% metal and unfolds after a unique BurnIn installation a terrific performance....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260157580237
 20+ In Stock
£10.13 inc VAT

Coollaboratory Coolant Pro - UV Green 100ml Concentrate

The innovation of coolant for the use in water coolings of High-End PC systems! If it was recently only possible with few transparent coolants to protect the own water cooling efficiently, offers Coollaboratory with the new coolant a genuine innovation....
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260157580107
 20+ In Stock
£7.06 inc VAT

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra + Cleaning Set

After the overwhelming success of the Liquid Pro, the new Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra was developed. Of course the Liquid Ultra is also made of 100% metal, but it has an absolute new usability and offers an outstanding performance. Due to the paste-like texture the application is now very easy....
2 Reviews
EAN: 4260157580152
 20+ In Stock
£9.19 inc VAT

Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad - 3x CPU + Cleaner

The Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad ist the first heat conduction pad, which is composed of 100% metal and melts with just less heating (BurnIn-process), then it confects its superior heat transfer. It dissipates the heat fast and efficiently and needn´t hide from the best heat conduction paste....
0 Reviews
 4 In Stock
£10.13 inc VAT
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