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Lian Li PC-A77FB Aluminium Black Full Tower Case No PSU
Lian Li PC-A77FB Aluminium Black Full Tower Case No PSU
Lian Li PC-A77FB Aluminium Black Full Tower Case No PSU
Lian Li PC-A77FB Aluminium Black Full Tower Case No PSU

Lian Li PC-A77FB Aluminium Black Full Tower Case No PSU


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Warranty: 12 months

• New USB3.0 ports, e-SATA, Audio supports HD Audio. The dual design is for better compatibility options.

• The PC-A77F carries Lian Li’s high standard of Quality requirement. All the sharp edges have been removed for user’s safety. In addition, the external and internal surfaces have hair-line brush anodized aluminum in keeping with Lian Li’s classical style.


  • Lian Li redesigned the internal layout for a better thermal solution, PC-A77F uses large size cooling fans to remove the system heat , fitting two extra 140mm fans on the top faster and quieter as well as keeps the system more stable.

  • The look of PC-A77F is in minimalism style; users can access the front I/O ports easily. The front panel design is a combination of art and functionality, with the hair line brushed and anodized aluminum touched up this outstanding high-end chassis.

  • The new internal layout has the motherboard on top of the power supply unit, which allows for easier access to the motherboard as well as more room above, thus larger CPU coolers can be used. The power supply unit at the button of the case is cooled with fresh cool air directly from the outside of the case, instead of pre-heated air from within. This will bring down the core temperatures and extend the lifespan of the PSu significantly.

  • The PC-A77F is a Full-tower case, which is ideal for the latest graphics cards in combination with the best thermal dynamics. All the internal installation can be done without tools, and is easily adjustable to optimize your hardware setup. Especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards, equipped with 8 PCI slots, can hold three or more graphics cards, supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

  • The new 5.25” bay tool-less mounting incorporates a mounting bar equipped with rubber padding. After closing the mounting bar, the rubber pad pushes and holds the 5.25” device in position to both secure and absorb vibration from the device.

  • Lian Li designers spent months to upgrade Lian Li’s HDD cage; the new HDD cage using special Thumb Screws with rubber suspension. no tool required, simply secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD, and slide the HDD into the cage.

  • The aluminum PCI tool-less mounting module is equipped with a rubber pad which can hold the graphics card firmly while closing the gap found in the PCI bracket and PCI slot to reduce noise from escaping air and furthermore reduce vibrations.

  • The Power Supply has rubber pads for both insulation and support. The mounting clip is also aligned with rubber to reduce vibrations but also and also secure the PSU without scratching the painted surface.

  • PC-A77F has fitted a three speed fan controller, user can adjust the fan speed to get the best balance between?silent and cooling.

  • PC-A77F inputs cold air by the 120mm intake fan x 3, it can be reposition by adjust the HDD cage. There are also vents on the 5.25” bezels, allow cold air to enter the case to cool the system down

  • PC-A77F supports liquid cooling systems, the two holes at the rear of the case allows water tubes to pass through, and the rubber cover can protect the tubes away from cutting.

  • Multi-media port connectors follow international specification standards, with one connector for easy installation.

  • All I/O ports on the top cover, allow for easy access, there is also a dust-free cover to protect these connectors.

  • All new tool-less design from Lian Li aluminum chassis. To do this required a great many innovative patents to be filed worldwide. The ideas will make installing and maintenance much easier. For example when installing the 5.25” optical drive, just slide the drive into the 5.25” bay, and close the mounting bar to secure the optical drive, as simple as that.

  • Specifications

    Model :
    Case Type :
    Full Tower
    Dimensions :
    (W) 220mm x (H) 572mm x (D) 590mm
    Front bezel Material :
    Side Panel :
    Body Material :
    5.25" drive bay (External) :
    3.5" drive bay (External) :
    3.5" drive bay (Internal) :
    9 (Using 6 bays of 5.25" Space)
    Expansion Slots :
    Motherboard :
    E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX/ CEB
    System Fan (Front) :
    120mm Blue LED Fan x 3
    System Fan (Top) :
    140mm Blue LED Fan x 2
    System Fan (Rear) :
    120mm Fan x 1
    I/O Ports :
    USB3.0 x 4 / e-SATA x1 / HD Audio
    Maximum Video Card Size :
    Package Dimensions :
    (W) 280mm x (H) 685mm x (D) 706mm

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