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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505 [ZUDM-163]

King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505
King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505
King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505
King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505


In the PC there are various noise sources using conventional solutions such as speed reduction and decoupling indeed contain, but can not be switched off completely. Who is at this point, has thus already taken various measures, but still is not satisfied with the result, which should consider the possibility of housing insulation into consideration. Also recommended is this method to be possible to save a complete solution elaborate individual tags.

The starting point of the noise in all cases is a specific form of movement or vibration, which brings air to vibrate, but also transmitted via the hardware itself and simultaneously elsewhere in turn stimulates air. Fan rotation example, leads to vibrations that are transmitted to the PC cover over the frame and the air, this thought-resonate, making it also becomes a source of noise.

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This demonstrates a fundamental phenomenon of the limitations of other noise reduction measures. You usually use only one side of the problem - the vibration transmission via direct contact - and hide the transmission via air. Insulating mats help to reduce noise at first by their very own weight. Because they increase the mass of the outer housing parts, which is why at constant energy - the panels are not as strongly vibrated - ie vibration source.

But insulating mats go beyond that by preventing them also that air vibrations react on the case. This superbly soft material absorbs incoming sound waves and thus prevents it can bring to vibrate the outer walls, while reducing rapidly reflected sound.

As a result, they achieve effect via two methods and are therefore inherently more efficient than conventional means. This makes them the ideal way for noise reduction and the best way to reduce the noise of the PC.

The insulating mats are high quality products from German manufacturers and are used for the cabin construction. Your soundproofing is therefore proven and popular also in industrial solutions. They are made of soft polyurethane ester acoustic foam, which was provided at the top with a finely perforated leather. Thus, the mats are visually appealing, largely resistant to dirt and can be washed off. The underside is self-adhesive.

Particularly effective is the sound absorption in the frequency range 1800-3500 Hz. Between 1,200 and 6,000 Hz over 40 percent of the sound are nevertheless still swallowed and at 400 Hz least ten percent. With these characteristics, a wide range is covered. In particular, the high-frequency noise of many annoying fan is particularly effective reduced. Lower frequencies as droning noises are not so much absorbed by the material itself, but also minimized by the weight.

This set is for the Antec GX500 with or without side windows as well as the Antec designed GX505 and includes 9 insulating mats. The damping set can also be installed without any special knowledge. This is ensured precisely tailored and labeled insulating mats and precise installation instructions. This is specially designed to meet the requirements of the case and explains step by step installation, provides practical tips and explains the possibilities and insulation options.

The number of mats attached is sufficient to dampen the entire housing may - even the fan slots. As a result, you have the choice of how much insulation you obstruct, in order to achieve an individual optimum of cooling and Laustärkereduzierung.

More information about the material specifications of the insulation material can be obtained from the datasheet. Note: Some pictures show the to be insulated housing that is not included.

Technical details:

     Suitable for:
     Antec GX500 (Window) Midi-Tower
     Antec Midi-Tower GX505 Window
     Content (tailored mats for):
     The left side panel (not needed with the Window version)
     Right side panel
     Face-up (5.25-inch slots)
     Face down
     floor Front
     bottom center
     back top
     back Center
     PUR ester-acoustic foam
     Fine Art perforated leather (top)
     self-adhesive back
     Color: Black
     Sound absorption per frequency range:
     > 80%: from 1800 to 3500 Hz
     > 40%: from 1200 to 6000 Hz
     Temperature resistance: - 40 to + 100 degrees Celsius
     Thermal conductivity: 0.04 W / (m * K) at 10 degrees Celsius
     Good acoustic effect
     Insensitive to dirt
     attractive appearance


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King Mod Premium Dammset - Antec GX 500/505
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