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InnovaProtect PRO 250ml
InnovaProtect PRO 250ml

InnovaProtect PRO 250ml


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MPN: 500988
EAN: 4250168519463
Warranty: 12 months

The InnovaProtect corrosion-and heat-transfer concentrate (the world's first and only specially developed for this purpose additive) protects water cooling reliably against corrosion and Biobefall. 


The additive is biodegradable, electrically non-conductive and easy to use. Protect reduces the surface tension, thus reducing the formation of bubbles on Oberfächen (eg the radiator). Furthermore, it contains a defoamer of the foam formation counteracts reliable and acts as a lubricant for the pump.

Properties of InnovaProtect PRO:
Special version (concentrate) for use with normal, ordinary tap water (1:3 mixture - very efficient). With InnovaProtect PRO and reach with ordinary tap water the same protective effect and the same corrosion protection as before with the combination InnovaProtect with distilled water. Of course InnovaProtect PRO is also usable with distilled water.

Colorless and nearly odorless
electrically non-conductive
Protects 100% reliable protection against corrosion
Absolutely no residue in cold water
No discoloration of the cooling water
No deposits - No odor
No impairment of the hoses
Especially suitable for use with copper-aluminum cooling circuits
Reduces the surface tension and thus reduces the bubble formation on surfaces (such as the radiator)
Defoams - Prevents foaming in the cooling water
Lubrication - Provides optimum lubrication of the pump
Long-term stability
Pro version: Makes 1 liter of coolant mixed with ordinary tap water

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