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EK Water Blocks EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - Intel 1155/1156
EK Water Blocks EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - Intel 1155/1156
EK Water Blocks EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - Intel 1155/1156
EK Water Blocks EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - Intel 1155/1156

EK Water Blocks EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme - Intel 1155/1156


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MPN: 3831109868003
EAN: 3831109868003
Warranty: 12 months

The EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme is a thermal spacer (EIT), the right between a CPU and a water-block (or heatsink) is used to keep the processor cool. In contrast to high, lofty thermal interface pads made ​​of metal or liquid metal alloys, Indigo Xtreme one fills up a self-contained and dense structure, a phase change metal alloy (PCMA), uses the surface roughness on the CPU heatsink and the CPU and thus very flat turns.


Indigo Xtreme achieves excellent thermal performance by optimizing the use of molten oxide-free material, resulting in a lower result of contact and bulk resistance. The resulting intermediate layer is bubble-free and robust, with low and high thermal contact resistance.
This version is for Intel Socket 1155 - and 1156-capable CPUs and platforms. In order to bring Indigo Xtreme is to keep strictly to the instructions supplied. A multiple-use of the applicators is not provided. The Indigo Xtreme is manufactured in the United States of Enerdyne Solutions for EKWB.
  • High thermal performance:
  Thermal conductivity of> 20 W / mK
  According to the manufacturer of one of the lowest thermal resistances of all the currently available thermal interfaces
  Superior performance right from the start
• High reliability:
  Fully sealed structure - no mess or slipping
  Consistent performance
  Precise cut with laser technology
• Ease of use:
  Fully compatible with copper and aluminum surfaces
  Out-of-the-box operational
  Easy to clean - remove and clean only
Technical details:
  2x EK-TIM Indigo Xtreme Applicators
  1x Indigo Xtreme Thermal Surface Cleaner
  1x pair of powder-free nitrile gloves
  1x wipe
  1x Installation Manual

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