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Innovatek Protect IP - use mix - 1 liter
Innovatek Protect IP - use mix - 1 liter

Innovatek Protect IP - use mix - 1 liter


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UPC: 500473
EAN: 4250168510170
Warranty: 12 months

The InnovaProtect corrosion-and heat-transfer concentrate (the world's first and only specially developed for this purpose additive) protects water cooling reliably against corrosion and Biobefall.


The additive is biodegradable, electrically non-conductive and easy to use. Protect reduces the surface tension, thus reducing the formation of bubbles on surfaces (eg the radiator). Furthermore, it contains a defoamer of the foam formation counteracts reliable and acts as a lubricant for the pump.

InnovaProtect use mixture:
Ready-mix. Undiluted and can be given without further mixing in the cooling circuit and thus facilitates the application.

Colorless and nearly odorless
electrically non-conductive
Protects 100% reliable protection against corrosion
Absolutely no residue in cold water
No discoloration of the cooling water
No deposits - No odor
No impairment of the hoses
Especially suitable for use with copper-aluminum cooling circuits
Reduces the surface tension and thus reduces the bubble formation on surfaces (such as the radiator)
Defoams - Prevents foaming in the cooling water
Lubrication - Provides optimum lubrication of the pump
Long-term stability
Glysantin free
Use mixture: 1 liter

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