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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

We are moving to a new home!

Things you need to know

We will be temporarily closing on Wednesday 24/06/2020 in the afternoon once drivers have collected at around 5pm. We plan to re-open one week later on Wednesday 01/07/2020, fully operational from our new building.

- Closed one week from 24/06/2020, re-open 01/07/2020
- All orders placed before this time, we will do our absolute best to dispatch before this date, please take into account our COVID notice, we are are still extremely busy, with warehosue delays due to order volume.
- All orders placed during this time, will be processed and dispatched when we re-open from 01/07/2020 in date order. Express shipping will not be prioritised.
- During our close period we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on the website as we know there WILL be a delay in getting your orders out to you, if you're happy to wait then we apreciate that, and will have rewarded you with free shipping on your order.
- Payment will need to be taken by us within 4 days of you placing your order, please bear that in mind as you will still receive "order processing" emails to allocate the stock to your order, ready for us re-opening.
- Email support will shut down on Thursday 25/06/2020, and re-open on 01/07/2020, Note that emails asking "Where is my order" will be directed to this page. We apreciate your patience during this move.
- If you wish to CANCEL an order during this time, you can email our sales@watercoolinguk.co.uk support email, making sure to write "CANCEL ORDER" in the email subject followed by your order number, so that it stands out and we can pick these up first.

We are having to make this move in an extremely difficult time during the COVID 19 crisis, we will complete this as safely as possible for our staff and while we are not planning to have any delays not listed above, if there are you will be emailed about them from 1st July. 

Where we've been for the last 10 years

We currently operate from M41 9PF in Urmston, Manchester.. Where we have operated successfully for the last 10 years. We have in this building just over 2,000 Sqr ft and have filled it to the point that, for us to operate normally on a daily basis we have to move stock into the yard and then back in at night. When it rains, it's all hands to battle stations bringing things back in and at night we struggle to shut the doors becasue we're bursting at the seams. Not ideal!

Here is where we currently occupy, we take up the ground floor, and a two storey warehouse extension to the rear, we store over 6 tonnes of liquid on the second floor of our warehouse meaning lots of manual handling via stairs. 

What we're moving into on 25/06/2020

If you're still reading, congrats and thank you for taking the time to.

So back in October 2019 we decided enough was enough. For us to be much more efficient with the way we operate we simply needed to move into a larger building. Currently being the UK and EU Distributor for Black Ice, Barrow, Bykski, Liquid.cool and more along with all end user sales from the website, eBay, Amazon and NewEgg, things are pretty hectic in the warehouse and dispatch areas, we're also becoming the new world-wide distribution center for XSPC which adds more madness into the mix. The future is looking great.

Finally after months of legals, we took ownership at the start of June and things are progressing nicely, the new place we found is a 5,500 Sqr Ft Warehouse + Office setup with expansion onto a Mezanine second floor already installed. We'll have everything on the one level, warehouse space we can safely operate in with 5x the stock, and offices with expansion for more staff. So here is a picture of where our next 10 years reside!

We hope you like it as much as we've grown to like it over the last few months during the planning phase.

While collections still remain closed due to COVID-19 so we can implement a safe Click and Collect facility, we will be operational from here from 1st July 2020, with dispatch teams working around the clock to clear back logs.

The good thing is, we're only moving 3 miles away so there is no issues with staffing, and our regular order collection customers will still be able to collect as normal when we re-open the collection facility.

New address is:

Unit 8, First Avenue
Trafford Park Village
Manchester, M17 1JZ

Please be kind to our support team if you need to get in touch, we have alot to do with the move to make it run smoothly and efficiently to be open in time for 1st July.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below:


Please wait while we process your request...