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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB [WDS200T2B0B]

Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB
Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB
Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB
Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB


With an SSD, not only older systems can be quickly revamped. Hardly any other interchangeable component in the PC brings as noticeable a performance boost as a flash memory drive that replaces a magnetic storage hard drive. The SSDs are not only faster, they are also characterized by absolute silence and shock resistance (no mechanical parts), an extremely low power consumption and a small size.

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EAN: 718037856285
Warranty: 12 Months
£236.15 inc VAT
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The Western Digital Blue 3D M.2 SSD Overview (2TB)

    High quality 3D NAND flash
    Strong performance with max. 560/530 MB / s read / write
    95,000 / 84,000 IOPS Random Read / Write
    Compact M.2 format (2280)

The Western Digital Blue 3D M.2 SSD is a particularly small and at the same time powerful solid state drive for an M.2 slot, which is addressed here via the SATA 6G interface. The support for the modern, fast interface format is absolutely justified, as the version of the Digital Blue 3D M.2 SSD offered here with a hefty two TB of storage space is very powerful, as revealed by the sequential read and write rates, which are high at 560 and 530 respectively MB / s lie. They almost completely erode the maximum possible speeds according to SATA III with up to 6 Gbit / s.

This is also thanks to the innovative 3D NAND Flash with 64 layers, which was above all the power consumption reduced by more than a quarter. The new technology can also accommodate more memory in a smaller space, which significantly increases the possible storage capacity on the small M.2 cards.

The excellent performance impressed all the more in view of the small Ultrabook- or tablet-capable size of the drive, after all, the Western Digital Blue 3D M.2 SSD is just under 8 cm long and 2.2 cm wide. For use, however, a free M.2 SATA connection must be present in the device. Note that motherboards with Z97 chipset may not support M.2 SATA, only M.2 PCIe. Compatibility should therefore be requested from the manufacturer before purchase.

Technical details:

    Dimensions (without frame): 22 x 2.38 x 80 mm (W × H × D)
    Weight: approx. 7 g
    Format: 2280
    Capacity: 2 TB
    NAND: 3D
    Connection: M.2 (SATA 6G)
    Reading: max. 560 MB / s
    Write: max. 530 MB / s
    IOPS (4KB Random Read): max. 95,000
    IOPS (4KB Random Write): max. 84,000
    Typical power consumption: 3 / 0.056 watts (operation / idle)
    Average life expectancy: 1.75 million h
    TBW: 500 TB
    Operating temperature: 0 to 70 ° C
    Shock resistant up to: 1,500 G
    Manufacturer's warranty: 3 years


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Western Digital Blue 3D M.2-2TB
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