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Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black [SST-TJ11B-W USB 3.0]

Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black
Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black
Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black
Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black
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Under the unusual title "Temjin" grouped Silverstone's high-end cabinet line. Undoubtedly the most famous and certainly most successful representatives of this series is the Temjin TJ07, for example, counts up watercooling enthusiasts now one of the reference cases. TJ09 and TJ10 even the successors found it difficult to follow in the footsteps of this exceptional case.

After the Temjin series now rested some time on these aging shoulders and even threatened to grow old, logs Silverstone after a long development time with a worthy successor to back - the Temjin TJ11. This represents a symbiosis of the FT02 and the TJ07 Temjin case dar. inherits from the Tower, among others, the high quality of workmanship and material quality, certain stylistic features, the huge size, the space division of the motherboard and slide.

The contrast Fortress 2 was the inspiration for the rotated motherboard mounting, the associated vertical air flow concept and the use of large air flow and optimized fan (Air Penetrator). However, the TJ11 is of course their own accents. First, he sets in dimensions compared to the TJ07 again significantly and is expected to be one of the largest housing market.
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EAN: 4710713967458
Warranty: 12 Months


Aluminum forms of course the basis for the TJ11, both with regard to the scaffold and the panel. The grand total weight, however, already clear that this was not saved to the material. Instead, the enormous thickness of the material allows a very high stability, which by the U-shaped frame (example: TJ07) gains additional stability.

(Cover up to the dimensions of something) for an optical streamlining extends from the front to the lid has a central protruding survey. Very elegant, while the I / O panel into the flanks of this structure is integrated. Here are two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 and two audio.Unlike conventional solutions, the USB 3.0 interface for TJ11 is more convenient.Because the cable must not be laid through the housing, but can be connected easily over the lid.

This is due to the fitting, the motherboard, but whose major advantage is the cooling.Because heated air rises up automatically. The TJ11 is using this chimney effect and draws in air below which rises through the heat to the heatsink of the CPU, graphics card and Co., and escapes through the lid. Therefore, the majority of the fan is installed in the lower segment.

There can even be the entire motherboard supports pulling out of the case and can go up against the usual assembly. This equipment detail design for easy installation of the hardware outside the case. Once the motherboard was pushed with all structures in the TJ11, the external cables run over the lid to the back. For a clean look at the end of a cable laid across the hood and concealed them.

The motherboard slides is comparable in size and can accommodate, among other things XL-ATX motherboards. These are nine PCI apertures are available, for example, to block multi-VGA solutions. The front part of the upper section takes a large 5.25-inch drive bay with all the nine slots, leaving room for a variety of individual mods: more radiators, water pumps, expansion tanks, additional HDD bays.

This is located in the lower section. A glance at the back reveals, however, that can be installed as needed all of two (!) Standard ATX power supplier. Silverstone is even considering a 24-pin Splitter Cable (for the simultaneous launch of the PSU) and two self-mount filter for the power packs. Standing in front of the power supplies are the two HDD bays with a total of six 3.5-inch SATA hot-swap slots. The shafts are individually removable and are - as mentioned - actively cooled.

Technical details:
Dimensions: 224 x 642 x 657 mm (WxHxD)
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Weight: 17.4 kg
Form Factor: ATX, Micro ATX, ATX-XL, SSI CEB (pull-out motherboard slide)
2x 120 mm AP 121 (bottom / hot-swap, 19 dB (A), 1.200 U / min)
2x 180 mm AP 181 (bottom middle, 18/34 dB (A) 700/1200 r / min)
1x 120mm (lid, 18 dB (A), 900 U / min)
Fan control for AP121 and AP 181 fans
Filters: among the 180-mm fans, and enclosed for power supplies (120-mm fan)
Drive Bays:
9x 5.25 (external)
6x 3.5-inch (internal, hot-swap)
3 x 2.5 inches (internal)
AC adapter (optional):
2x standard ATX or
1x PS2 redundant
Expansion Slots: 9
I / O panel:
2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
1x each Audio In / Out


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Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ11B-W Window - Black
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