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Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals [GECK-145]

Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals
Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals
Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals
Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals
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Noise is an annoying side effect that is caused not only at the airport by aircraft taking off and on the road by trucks roaring by. Especially in your own home so many people are anxious to maintain peace, to find relaxation. Unfortunately, the PC is in many cases, contrary to these efforts and nerves during operation at high noise levels.
The sources of noise are initially all rotating components, which primarily affects fans and hard drives. These should be decoupled and optionally the speed can be reduced. Many housing support these measures and provide appropriate equipment leaves the factory.
In addition, provide an insulation for an even lower operating noise. With this modified version of the Silverstone SST-FT03S both approaches are associated with the housing and provided a pre-installed insulation.
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Warranty: 12 Months


The special feature of this compilation is that in addition to the pre-installed insulation mats, additional insulation included. This is also cut to fit and allows for additional sealing of other body parts. As a result, you have even the choice of how much insulation block them, to achieve individual optimum of cooling and Laustärkereduzierung.
On delivery of the Silverstone SST-seven FT03S insulation batts are already bonded. Another mat is clamped, therefore, maintains the corresponding position and meets their Dämmauftrag can be glued but also independently as required. In addition, there are two mats are loose in the housing which completely assembled as needed themselves.
These mats are not fitted to the ventilation system limit. Thus, an individual optimum of insulation (volume reduction) and ventilation (cooling) can be achieved. About the exact positions of the pre-glued, clamped, or just give the mats attached below specifications information.
Any additional insulation mats are labeled, which makes the interaction with an accompanying installation instructions for easy assembly. The manual is designed to meet the requirements of the Silverstone SST-FT03S and explains in detail the installation, provides practical tips and explains the possibilities and insulation options.
Function: The insulation batts achieve a noise reduction of two effects. First, the soft material absorbs vibrations by air incident. At the same time reduce the mats on the housing itself forwarded vibration, especially under their own weight. Both ensure the interaction that the housing outer sides are hardly excited to vibrate. In addition, should the fan installed with the built-in control can be reduced.
For more information about the material specifications of the insulation material can be obtained from the data sheet.
Note: Please note that may be less because of the insulation batts, the space inside the housing. Thus, under certain circumstances, the laying of cables behind the motherboard tray compared to the non-insulated version is only limited.
 • Dimensions: 235 x 487 x 284 mm (W x H x D)
 • Material: aluminum (2.5 mm, outer sides), steel (backbone)
 • Weight: 6.7 kg
 • Color: Silver
 • Form factor: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-DTX
 • Fan:
 1x 120mm (lid, 22 dB (A), 1.200 U / min)
 2x 120mm (floor, 22 dB (A), 1.200 U / min)
 1x 80 mm (lid, optional)
 2x 80 mm (bottom, optional)
 • Drive bays:
 1 x 5.25 inch (External Slim, slot-in)
 3 x 3.5 inches (internal)
 1 x 2.5 inches (internal)
 • Power Supply: Standard ATX (optional)
 • Expansion slots: 4
 • I / O panel:
 2x USB 3.0 (external link)
 1x each Audio In / Out
 • Maximum Graphics Card Length: 347 mm
 Maximum CPU cooler height: 167 mm
 Maximum length of network (fixed / modular) 180/160 mm
 • Insulation (installed):
 left side panel above
 left side panel below
 the right side panel above
 right side of the bottom
 Face up
 Face down
 Cover (ventilation slot; clamped)
 1x back
 • insulation (included):
 Floor rear
 Lid (fan-slot)


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Silverstone SST-FT03S Fortress, silver - Insulated Intenals
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