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RAIJINTEK Morpheus Vega Heatpipe VGA Cooler - Silver [0R10B00083]

RAIJINTEK Morpheus Vega Heatpipe VGA Cooler - Silver
RAIJINTEK Morpheus Vega Heatpipe VGA Cooler - Silver
RAIJINTEK Morpheus Vega Heatpipe VGA Cooler - Silver
RAIJINTEK Morpheus Vega Heatpipe VGA Cooler - Silver

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With the impressive Morpheus Vega Heatpipe, Raijintek is now upgrading its high-performance graphics card cooler as a retrofittable alternative to the stock cooler.

As with the CPU coolers from said house, Greek mythology must be used for the naming here as well. As the son of Hypnos, himself the god of sleep, the eponymous Morpheus is regarded as the god of dreams. This alludes to the fantastically strong silent capabilities of the black VGA cooler, whose noise emissions will certainly keep anyone from sleeping. The sheer size of the Morpheus is a logical consequence of the significantly increased thermal output of modern high-end graphics cards. 
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MPN: 0R10B00083
EAN: 4715109922097
Warranty: 12 Months


These now give a multiple of the performance of CPUs, which can only be coped with with correspondingly expensive cooling systems. Standard coolers solve this problem with a fairly simple solution - fast-rotating fans. Negative side effect: High noise pollution, especially in gaming and 3D operation.

The features of the Raijintek Morpheus Vega Heatpipe at a glance:
- Active cooler for graphics cards of the Vega series from AMD
- High cooling efficiency with 360 Watt TDP
- Twelve copper heatpipes for the GPU, huge aluminum heatsink
- For two 120 mm fans
- Includes passive heat sink for VRAM and voltage converter
- Huge VGA cooler for efficient removal of waste heat

Raijintek presents the Morpheus Vega Heatpipe, a monstrously powerful VGA cooler with superlative cooling performance and first-class workmanship. The balancing act of high cooling performance and low noise dissolves the variant of the Morpheus offered here with a very large heat sink with a total of 129 aluminum fins, which can be equipped with several large fans, which can be effectively dissipated up to 360 watts of power dissipation. Despite the stately length of 25.4 cm, incompatibilities with dual-power graphics cards are avoided because the heatsink does not protrude beyond the long PCBs of modern high-end graphics cards.

In the mirror-smooth base plate made of nickel-plated copper, which is in direct contact with the GPU, a total of twelve copper heatpipes are embedded. Already here, a peculiarity of the construction shows, because at first glance, it seems to be only six heat pipes, which go through the floor and be led out on both sides. Raijintek deliberately does not choose this meanwhile common construction, because separate heatpipes should achieve a much better heat transport result. All twelve heatpipes are mounted head to head in six rows. The heat sink itself is thus divided into two sections, which, however, are interconnected by aluminum fins for better heat distribution at the outer edge.
High quality workmanship and easy installation
Also striking is the outstanding workmanship, which once again sets new standards. Since not only the GPU but also various other heat sources such as voltage converters and main memory have to be cooled, Raijintek adds a very extensive set of passive heat sinks that are suitable for the various graphics card models of the Vega series. This includes three types of VRAM coolers, which are attached by double-sided adhesive thermal pads and a large cooling bar for the voltage converter of the graphics card. A real highlight is the mounting system of the Morpheus dar. This consists of two strips that are screwed to the bottom plate and provide each hole spacing available.

Especially easy is the solution of the fan assembly, by means of which two 120 mm silent fans can be attached to the radiator block by means of the supplied fan clamps. Since fans are not included in the scope of delivery, maximum freedom of choice and the possibility to realize virtually any configuration from Ultra-Silent to Maximum-OC remain. Thanks to the enormous cooling capacity, no fast-rotating models are needed to keep even graphics trucks at low temperatures. This completes the requirement circle of quiet and potent cooling.

Notes: To install the Morpheus, the original cooler must be dismantled, which is associated with a loss of warranty against the graphics card manufacturer. The conversion is therefore at your own risk. Remains of thermal grease and pads must be removed very carefully before installation, as otherwise the passive heat sinks may fall off when heated. Heat transfer pads and thermal grease required for mounting are included in delivery. An adapter cable for connecting (PWM) fans to the graphics card is not included in the delivery and must be ordered separately.

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 254 x 44 x 98 mm (W x H x D)
- Weight: about 515 g
- Material: nickel-plated copper (bottom plate), nickel-plated copper (heatpipes), aluminum (lamellae)
- Heatpipes: 12x Ø 6 mm
- Heat dissipation: max. 360 W
- Fan (optional): 2x 120 mm

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