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PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green [PC-V32-OUG]

PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
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PrimoChills Vue was specifically developed for that experienced user looking to create an unrivaled aesthetic in their liquid cooled PC.

It’s an environmentally friendly fluid that combats issues typically seen in other watercooling fluids.
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SKU: PCV-32-014
EAN: 897337053768
Warranty: 12 Months


DISCLAIMER: According to Primochill this product is a Display Coolant only and not for 24/7 Use.

PrimoChill Vue's exclusive water-based formulation allows it to stay suspended longer allowing longevity and an easy flush to any system. With its unique visual traits, Vue is sure to bring another dimension to any loop.

- Water-based fluid
- Non-toxic & environmentally friendly
- Biodegradable
- Handmade in small batches for unmatched quality control
- Pre-Dyed
- Flushes clean from loop
- Visual indicator useful to illustrate fluids flow patterns
- Natural microbial growth combatant
- Non Toxic Corrosion inhibitors

- Bottle Size: 32 fluid ounces (910ml)
- Shelf Life: 2 years (unopened)
- Mix Ratio: None-Ready to use

- Additives / Fluids: VUE  (same color only).
- Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils with Vue. This will change the formulation of Vue causing undesirable results.
- Vue is NOT compatible with Mayhems Pastel fluid. Results may vary even after a full system flush if your loop previously had Mayhems pastel.
- Not compatible with any aluminum components including radiators.
- Safe to use with all rubber gaskets, acrylic tubing, pvc tubing, petg tubing, glass tubing, as well as nickel and copper components.

Known incompatible radiators include but NOT limited to:
- Any Wetted Aluminum
- Thermaltake RL Radiators and accessories
- EK Aluminum Kits and accessories
- Enermax - NEOChanger Pump/Reservoir



PrimoChill has gone to great lengths to make Vue as easy to use as possible, but please keep in mind that Vue is for experienced users looking for that extra aesthetic and requires more attention and maintenance. During the filling of your loop, induction of any air is NOT recommended. Allowing the pump to suck air into the loop or running it dry may cause PrimoChill Vue to break down and fail. Slowly add PrimoChill Vue to your system to make sure you are not adding any additional air into the system. It’s recommended to have direct manual control over the speed/power of your pump when adding PrimoChill Vue to your loop. Run it at a medium-low speed with the ability to turn off the pump quickly if necessary. Cycling your pump on and off during the filling process will help in reducing the amount of air that you allow into the system.

For best results, use Vue with a newly built watercooling loop. If this is not possible, first ensure that each component is thoroughly cleaned by hand and dried. Next, use PrimoChill System Reboot to flush the system prior to adding PrimoChill Vue.

Vue has a HIGH attraction to dyes. It's possible that Vue may leach old dyes out of components that had previous dyed coolants ran through them (radiators in particular). No amount of flushing with water will remove all previous dyes. This may result in Vue changing color slightly. For best results flush your system with PrimoChill System ReBoot prior to using VUE in existing systems that contained dyed coolant.

Continuous running of the pump is not recommended. Allow the PC to rest when not in use. Run the PC for at least an hour every couple days enabling Vue to recirculate. It will thank you.

Please be advised that the color and texture of Vue may change slightly compared to the fluid in the bottle over time once you put it in your loop. Vue may develop clear areas in the top of the reservoir and tubes as it reacts with metals and chemicals in your loop resulting in a slightly thicker fluid. This will not impact the performance of Vue. Running the pump will return Vue to its original state.

This product is NOT intended to be used in conjunction with any other coolant or additive. Vue contains biological inhibitors so no additional coolant or additives are needed. Adding anything extra could result in adverse effects and will void all support and warranty. Please keep a close eye on the fluid and parts in your loop. Drain and inspect immediately if any sign of growth or corrosion develops. PrimoChill recommends replacing Vue every 4-6 months (or sooner) for best results!

PrimoChill and WatercoolingUK is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

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PrimoChill VUE Pre-Mix Display Coolant (910ml / 32oz) - UV Green
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