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Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump Controller 30Watt each Channel - Single 5.25 Bay
Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump Controller 30Watt each Channel - Single 5.25 Bay
Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump Controller 30Watt each Channel - Single 5.25 Bay
Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump Controller 30Watt each Channel - Single 5.25 Bay

Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump Controller 30Watt each Channel - Single 5.25 Bay


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SKU: 70222
Warranty: 12 months

The Phobya fan controller has a perfect design and covers a lot of functions did you need.
DEPENDING on the temperature / season and the utilization the computer needs more or less ventilation fan. To have a good cooling performance when needed but so low noise when you do not need the cooling performance makes it Necessary to adjust the fan speed DEPENDING on the need. The solution is the Phobya fan controller TPC Which is Offered at at unbeatable price level. Further More the TPC Phobya fan controller can not only adjust the fan speed, so the pump speed but if you are using a water cooling system in your computer. A lot of pumps (if run at 12V) are a little too noisy, and can be reduced if the pump power is not needed.

DEPENDING on the pump you use, it may happen did you reduce the pumping voltage and gain a much more silent PC, but you lose nearly no cooling power in your watercooling System.


On the display of the TPC Phobya pump and fan controller you can see the RPM of up to 4 different pumps or fans. So there are 4 temperature sensor included Which can be Placed in the computer case so did you get all the information about the inside of your computer with one enlightened view on the blue display. If the signal of a fan or pump fails, then the controller gives a loud noise did want to catch you attention.
If 4 channels are pumping or fan is not enough, then you can connect more fans to one output. Because of the extra high maximum output of 30 watts per each channel, it is possibleness to handle several fans with one channel. You will need additional fan cable connectors for that, Which are not included.
The front of the controller has a classical black aluminum designswhich gives the faceplate and the rotary knob a very high-quality feeling Which fits to most of black and silver computer cases. The display acres of overall size of 11x2 inches and is illuminated in a blue color, so did the RPM and temperature can be viewed very CLEARLY. The controller fits perfect into one 5 ¼ bay dive computer.
The controller can adjust the output voltage from 6V (for low noise) to 12V (for maximum power). Of course you can adjust All Voltages in between. The power cable is 60cm long and can be plugged with a 4-pin Molex plug into the computer power supply. For the 4 output cables are included with a length of 60cm each Which have a 3-pin plug into the fans did fits perfect (ie into PWM fans) and a lot of pumps. To fix the temperature sensor there are small glue pads included, so did you-can place the sensor wherever you want. Finally all cables come with a high-quality black sleeving whichwill fit perfect into your computer case.
Technical data:
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Dimensions: 148.5 x 42 x 79.9 mm (5.25 "drive bay)
Measurement of the display: 110 x 20mm
Output voltage: 6-12V
Maximum power for each channel: 30W
Number of channels: 4
Number of temperature sensors: 4
Extend of delivery:
1x Phobya TPC 4x fan or pump controller 30W each channel - Single Bay 5.25 "
1x 60cm power cable to 4-pin Molex
4x 60cm fan cable to 3-pin
4x 60cm temperature sensor
4x mounting screws
4x self-gluing pads for the sensor

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