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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts [PH-P850G]

PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts
PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts
PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts
PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts


The AMP power supply series is the result of the cooperation between PHANTEKS and Seasonic.

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EAN: 886523500933
Warranty: 12 Months
£150.76 inc VAT
  • USD $207.42 *

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Thanks to the use of high-quality components, they offer an efficiency certified with 80 PLUS Gold. The PHANTEKS AMP 850W enables a tidy look thanks to the fully modular cable management and the sleeved connection cables. Thanks to Revolt Pro Link certification, it can be interconnected with compatible power supplies from PHANTEKS in order to increase the rated power or to create a redundant power supply.

The features of the PHANTEKS AMP 850W power supply at a glance:
850 watt nominal power with 70 A single rail for high-end components
Efficiency certified with 80 PLUS Gold
120 mm fan with semi-passive operation under 40% load
Modular connection cable with black sleeve for a tidy look
Six 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors for high-performance graphics cards
Increased nominal power or redundant power supply thanks to Revolt Pro Link

PHANTEKS AMP 850W: High-performance power supply with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency
The ATX power supply PHANTEKS AMP 850W with its 850 watts of power is suitable for gaming PCs from the high-end segment. The power supply works very efficiently, which results from the use of high-quality electrical components. The power supply unit certified with 80 PLUS Gold achieves an efficiency of up to 92% with a load of 50%. The internal connections are largely wireless.

The power supply from PHANTEKS has a classic black housing, which means that it blends in unobtrusively in dark builds. The completely modular connection cables with black sleeves ensure a tidy look inside the housing.

Versatile connection options and a strong single rail
The PHANTEKS AMP 850W impresses with its extensive connectivity. In addition to a 24-pin and two 4 + 4-pin connectors, it provides six 6 + 2-pin PCIe connectors for a high-performance graphics card as well as ten SATA and five 4-pin Molex connectors. With this variety of connections, enthusiast systems and workstations can also be implemented without compromise.

PHANTEKS installed a 70 A single rail in this power supply unit. Thanks to this, the AMP 850W is also suitable for particularly power-hungry, overclocked PCs. The 120 mm fan ensures efficient cooling of the power supply unit. The fan has a smooth-running fluid dynamic bearing, which is characterized by extremely smooth running during operation and a long service life.

The fan switches off when the load is 40% or less. As a result, the power supply works completely silently - if the user wants it. The semi-passive hybrid mode can be easily switched on and off using a button on the back of the power supply unit. This feature makes the power supply particularly interesting for users who, apart from high-end performance, also value a power supply that works completely silently in office use or multimedia applications.

More rated power and redundant power supply thanks to Revolt Pro Link
The PHANTEKS AMP 850W is certified for Revolt Pro Link and can therefore be used together with a corresponding Revolt Pro power supply unit. PHANTEKS equips the Revolt Pro power supply units with 24-pin and 8-pin sockets to which a second power supply unit from the AMP series can be connected. This allows the nominal power provided to be increased in order to provide enough power for overclocked PCs and workstations with multiple GPUs.

Thanks to Revolt Pro Link support, a redundant power supply can also be set up. This guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the system in the event that one of the two power supplies fails. This feature is particularly essential for servers and workstations in order to reduce the incalculable risk of data loss to a minimum.

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140 mm (W x H x D)
- Fan: 120 mm (fluid dynamic bearing, automatic control with semi-passive mode)
- Efficiency: ~ 90/92/89% @ 20/50/100% load (230 V), 80 PLUS Gold certificate
- Active PFC
- Form factor: ATX12V
- Power: 850 W.
 -+ 3.3V: 20 A
- + 5V: 20 A
- + 3.3V & + 5V: 100 W.
- + 12V: 70 A / 840 W.
- -12V: 0.3 A / 3.6 W.
- + 5VSB: 3 A / 15 W.
- Lifespan: at least 100,000 hours at 25 ° C
- Connections (removable):
- 1x 24-pin
- 2x 4 + 4 pin
 -6x 6 + 2-pin PCIe
- 10x SATA
- 5x 4-pole Molex
- 1x 4-pin Molex to 2x SATA adapter cable
- Protection: OCP / OPP / UVP / OVP / OTP / SCP / Open circuit resistance / Reset Protection
Scope of delivery:
- 1x PHANTEKS AMP power supply
- 1x 18 + 10-pin cable (one connector, 610 mm)
- 2x 8 (4 + 4) -pin cable (one connector, 650 mm)
- 3x PCIe 6 + 2-pin cables (two connectors, 750 mm - 675 mm / 75 mm)
- 1x SATA cable 180 ° (four connectors, 860 mm - 410 mm / 150 mm / 150 mm / 150 mm)
 -1x SATA cable 90 ° (four connectors 810 mm - 450 mm / 120 mm / 120 mm / 120 mm)
- 1x SATA 180 ° (two connectors, 450 mm - 300/150 mm)
- 1x Molex cable (three connectors, 690 mm - 450 mm / 120 mm / 120 mm)
- 1x Molex cable (two plugs, 470 mm - 350/120 mm)
- 1x Molex to SATA (two connectors, 300 mm - 150 mm / 150 mm)
- 1x power supply bag
- 1x cable pocket
- 1x zipper bag
- 1x power cable
- 1x instruction manual
- 1x Velcro cable tie
- 1x screw set
Manufacturer's guarantee: 10 years


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PHANTEKS AMP 80 PLUS Gold power supply, modular - 850 watts
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