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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black [EX2-755]

Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black
Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black
Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black
Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black


Koolance offers a wide range of articles in the field of water cooling , which ranges from about heatsinks and radiators fittings to pumps and hoses. Thus, the manufacturer knows exactly what it offers its discerning customers.
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MPN: EX2-755
EAN: 0829596907186
Warranty: 12 Months
£462.06 inc VAT
  • USD $601.79 *


With the Exos -2 V2 of the successor to the Exos 2 Water Cooling System appears . It comes with enhanced features , control and numerous setting options , and improved capacity . Like previous Exos , the system can be connected to any PC that has an available expansion slot .

The Exos -2 V2 is black . Its angular design with many mesh grooves on the sides and its illuminated LED display does not have to hide in a living room. Thanks rubberized feet can also make the water cooling system directly to a computer case , provided it is sufficiently large and no air vents closes . Optional safety harnesses ensure that the Exos -2 V2 also fits perfectly on the PC when you're traveling times to a LAN party . The ideal position is the manufacturer but 1.5 to 2 meters away from the PC case. The water cooling system should be set up vertically in any case.

His two fans to ventilate the radiator with 302,51 m³ / h Airflow , sit on the lid and protected by a respective fan grill. A single pump operates at maximum delivery height 2.6 m and up to 7 L / min flow rate . A small lighted window in which the fill port is located on the coolant tank , is not only stylish but is also convenient to observe the current fluid level .

The backlit LED display offers a seven different modes. This also shows you the temperature of each to be attached to the water block sensors shown separately. It is also possible to display all temperatures of the sensors in automatically changing cycle. Of course you can also access the fan setting or the pump setting. Finally, you can view all the temperatures of the sensors and fan settings and pump settings in automatically changing interval. So one learns a perfectly customizable control over their PC cooling .

The Exos -2 V2 offers the water-cooling enthusiasts numerous control options and can drive his two 120 mm fans in 10 freely selectable speed stages. However, an automatic adjustment is possible. Of course, the speed of the pump can be set completely yourself. Here a four -lit buttons on the LED display are available.

With the three included sensors to measure the temperatures of the water block . These are usually on the side of a water block to bring gent and Solten not be placed directly between chipset water block . Three sensors are included. You can optionally purchase additional sensors on the market. The sensors sound an alarm if the temperatures are times too high. By default , the audio alarm from a temperature of 55 ° C. If the system sounds an alarm report , the respective LED on the display flashes and the fan and the pump then go up to one hundred percent performance .

This setting can also be adjusted and changed. If one of the sensors reaches a temperature which is 3 ° C above the set temperature , the system will use the ATX-bridging and shut down the PC. This interface is connected to the slot adapter that you have to plug in to the AC adapter. The ATX-bridging uses the same interface , which can shut down the computer when the power button is pressed for a few seconds .

The device is connected via a slot adapter which you include in an expansion slot. The adapter is then internally connected to the respective terminals of the power supply . DasExos -2 V2 has two G1/4-Anschlüsse to which you connect the hoses . Thus are possible with appropriate optional additional parts both serial and parallel loops Water .

Technical details :

    - Dimensions: 441 x 92 x 212 mm (W x H x D)
    - Weight: 5.96 kg
    - Radiator : Koolance Exos -2 V2
    - Pump: 12V
    - Maximum lifting height: 2.6 m
    - Maximum capacity : 7 L / min
    - Connections: G 1/4 inch
    - Fan: 2x 120 mm (max. 302.51 m³ / h Airflow )

Scope of delivery:

    - Exos -2 V2 external water cooling ( fully assembled)
    - two G1 / 4 inch
    - PCI slot bracket with PCB
    - Connection cable Exos -2 V2 slot bracket
    - ATX -bridging plug


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Koolance Exos-2 V2 water cooling system - black
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