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Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish [ERM-3K3UC]

Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish
Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish
Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish
Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish


Koolance offers a wide range of articles in the field of water cooling , which ranges from about heatsinks and radiators fittings to pumps and hoses. Thus, the manufacturer knows exactly what it offers its discerning customers.
With the ERM 3K3UC a water cooling system that has been designed for industrial use and other thermal applications appears . It comes with a 24V PMP - 450S pump and nine 120 - mm fans and numerous control and settings.

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The ERM 3K3UC is black . His angular , but perfectly smooth polished design with stylish mesh for fan and radiator grilles on the sides and its OLED display does not have to hide in a living room. Thanks rubberized feet can install the water cooling system in three different positions. The OLED display can accordingly also rotate freely , but the display in an upright level should not be below.

With the 1635.92 m³ / h Airflow carrying the nine 120 - mm fan in the copper radiator , it is the most powerful system of Koolance . As already offers the ERM 3K3UC at 20 percent fan speed higher performance than previous ERM 2K3U models at 100 percent. The 24V PMP - 450S pump has a capacity of up to 12 L / min and a maximum lifting height of 3.2 m . The expected life comprises about 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of about 5.7 years . The eye-catching reservoir is LED lit , indicates the coolant level and offers stand upright in the ERM 3K3UC a beautiful waterfall effect .
The 2-line OLED display provides a display all options . Then you can look at the values that you have chosen yourself . So you can view the pump power or the fan RPM . With an optional Koolance flow meter can display the airflow rate in GPM or LPM also . But of settings not saving the ERM 3K3UC . It can be a dynamic increase the fan speed setting , which is based on self-selected minimum and maximum temperatures.
With the three included sensors to measure the temperatures of the water block . Which must be placed in the normal case on the side of a water block and Solten not be placed directly between chipset and Water Block . You can optionally purchase additional sensors on the market. The sensors sound an alarm if the temperatures are times too high.
If one of the sensors reaches a temperature that is above the specified maximum temperature , the system will use the ATX-bridging and shut down the PC. This interface is connected to the slot adapter that you have to plug in to the AC adapter. The ATX-bridging uses the same interface , which can shut down the computer when the power button is pressed for a few seconds .
The device is connected via a slot adapter which you include in an expansion slot. The adapter is then internally connected to the respective terminals of the power supply . This operates on 110 V / 220 V AC . The ERM 3K3UC has two G1/4-Anschlüsse to which you connect the hoses . Thus are possible with appropriate optional additional parts both serial and parallel loops Water .
Technical details :
Dimensions: 557 x 103 x 448 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 12.97 kg
Radiator: ERM 3K3UC (copper)
Pump: 24V
Maximum lifting height: 3.2 m
Maximum capacity : 12 L / min
Connections: G 1/4 inch
Fans : 9x 120mm ( max. 1635.92 m³ / h Airflow )
Scope of delivery:
ERM 3K3UC external water cooling ( fully assembled)
two G1 / 4 inch
PCI slot bracket with PCB
Connection cable ERM 3K3UC to slot bracket
three sensors
ATX -bridging plug

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Koolance ERM 3K3UC Cooling System v.1.1 - Copper finish
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