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Demciflex dust filter 92mm, round - white / white
Demciflex dust filter 92mm, round - white / white
Demciflex dust filter 92mm, round - white / white

Demciflex dust filter 92mm, round - white / white


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MPN: DF0690
EAN: 6009704606130
Warranty: 12 months

If his PC to open after half a year again to install new hardware might, one wonders often, whether the number cruncher is not yet to designate better than a vacuum cleaner. What facilitated on the one hand - you just imagine how much more often the rooms would be cleaned when all the dirt would not precaution collected by the computer - means consuming cleaning of the PC interior space elsewhere.


In addition, dust in the housing the main reason for overheating and thus possible, unstable operation. Although a cleaning from time-to-time can not be prevented, but can the effort to significantly reduce this. A simple and inexpensive solution represent dust filters, which are placed before the imbibing fan. Are these installed, no longer has the entire interior to be dusted, but only the filter with all its inaccessible corners and the sensitive components.

DEMCiflex provides this a particularly simple retrofit solution that is appropriate in this case for 92-mm fans. Here, the filter is simply placed on the outside of the casing to the fan opening and is magnetically held there. There are therefore no screws needed, so there are no compatibility restrictions. Since not all fan positions are magnetically attractive, heard an additional frame supplied is back stuck and held at the turn of the filter.

The filter itself is made of a very tightly woven and durable polyester fabric. This special material is also used in hospitals to use in order to keep for example surgery rooms free of dust. At the same time, the network is well ventilated and therefore hinders the Airflow low.

This effect can, of course, according with increasing dust, which is why the filter should be occasionally removed and cleaned. Due to the special mounting method the removal of the fan is again very easy and fast. The dust can then either shut painted by hand, -geschüttelt, washed and are also abgekrazt For tough dirt.

Note: The area around the fan slot used should be flat and not have any protruding parts, if possible. This may otherwise impair the adhesion to the substrate.

Technical details:
Size (frame): Ø 110 mm
Size (Filter): Ø 85 mm
Compatibility: 92mm fan slot
Material (Filter): Polyester mesh
Color: White (frame), White (filter)
Mounting: magnetic mount + mounting frame
Fast assembly
No compatibility restriction
Quick and easy cleaning
Effective filtration efficiency at high air permeability
durable fabric

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