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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Demciflex dust filter 280mm x 140mm - black / black [ DF0033]

Demciflex dust filter 280mm x 140mm - black / black
Demciflex dust filter 280mm x 140mm - black / black
Demciflex dust filter 280mm x 140mm - black / black


When you open your PC again after six months, perhaps to install new hardware, you usually ask yourself whether the arithmetic servant might not be better described as a vacuum cleaner. What makes it easier on the one hand - just imagine how much more often the room would have to be cleaned if all the dirt wasn't collected by the computer as a precaution - means on the other hand time-consuming cleaning of the interior of the PC.
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MPN: DF0033
EAN: 6009704600008
Warranty: 12 Months
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In addition, dust in the housing is the main reason for overheating and thus for possible, unstable operation. It is true that cleaning from time to time cannot be prevented, but the effort involved can be reduced considerably. A simple and inexpensive solution are dust filters that are placed in front of the sucking fans. Once these have been installed, the entire interior with all its inaccessible corners and sensitive components no longer needs to be dusted, only the filters.

DEMCiflex offers a solution that is particularly easy to retrofit, which in this case is suitable for 280 x 140 mm ventilation grilles. The filter is simply placed onto the fan opening from the outside of the housing and is held there magnetically. No screws or the like are therefore necessary, which means that there are no compatibility restrictions. Since not all fan positions are magnetically attractive, an additional frame is included in the scope of delivery, which is glued to the back and on which the filter is held.

The filter itself consists of a very tightly woven and durable polyester fabric. This special material is also used in clinics, for example to keep operating theaters dust-free. At the same time, the mesh is well permeable to air and therefore only slightly hampers the airflow.

This effect naturally decreases with increasing dust, which is why the filter should be removed and cleaned occasionally. Thanks to the special fastening method, removing the fan is quick and easy. The dust can then either be brushed off by hand, shaken off, washed off and, in the case of stubborn dirt, also scraped off.

Note:The area around the fan slot used should, if possible, be level and not have any protruding parts. Otherwise, these can impair adhesion to the substrate.

Technical details:
Size (frame): 290 x 150 mm
Size (Filter): 270 x 130 mm
Compatibility: 280 x 140 mm ventilation grille
Material (Filter): Polyester mesh
Color: Black (Frame), Black (filter)
Mounting: magnetic mount + mounting frame
Advantages: Fast assembly / No compatibility restriction / Quick and easy cleaning / Effective filtration efficiency at high air permeability / Durable fabric


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Demciflex dust filter 280mm x 140mm - black / black
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