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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Corsair Professional Platinum Series AX1600i Power Supply - 1600 Watt [CP-9020087-EU]

Corsair Professional Platinum Series AX1600i Power Supply - 1600 Watt
Corsair Professional Platinum Series AX1600i Power Supply - 1600 Watt
Corsair Professional Platinum Series AX1600i Power Supply - 1600 Watt
Corsair Professional Platinum Series AX1600i Power Supply - 1600 Watt


With the Corsair Professional Titanium Series AX1600i Corsair has introduced a new top model in the program setting new efficiency and performance records.

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MPN: CP-9020087-EU
EAN: 843591050319
Warranty: 12 Months
£579.92 inc VAT
  • USD $816.76 *

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 That would be: incredible 1,600 watts continuous output power when required; an ultra-strong 12-volt singlerail with a whopping 133.3 ampere; the highest certification level 80 Plus has to offer: Titanium! Add to that many high-end features, and Corsair's AXi Series revolutionary power supplies are the first to offer the combination of DSP (digital signal processor) control and Corsair Link technology, providing an unprecedented level of monitoring and control. The DSP in the AX1600i adjusts itself during operation, ensuring incredibly effective voltage regulation, efficiency, and a perfectly clean and stable power supply. For the first time, gallium nitride transistors are now used, which enable more than 94% efficiency.

The features of the Corsair Professional Titanium Series AX1600i:
- 1,600-watt power supply with extremely strong 133.3-A single-rail
- Very high 80Plus Titanium certified efficiency
- Quiet liquid-bearing 140 mm fan
- Fully modular cable management with flat cables
- Digital design & advanced gallium nitride transistors
- Software-supported monitoring via Corsair Link

Brute power & highest component quality in the Corsair Professional Titanium Series AX1600i
For complete control of the AX1600i, connect it directly to a USB header on the motherboard or to a Corsair Link Commander (sold separately) with the included cable. Then download the free "Corsair Link Dashboard" software to monitor and control power and power without hindrance. Keep track of input and output power, efficiency, fan speed, and internal temperature. You can also go one step further by setting up fan speed profiles, or even selecting software modes with over-current protection for single rail or virtual multi-rail operation.

For its unmatched efficiency, the AX1600i has been awarded the highest possible seal, 80 Plus Titanium. This guarantees that at 50 percent utilization of the power supply at least 94 percent efficiency prevail, so then only up to 6 percent power loss occur. Power loss, which is largely released as heat energy from the power supply. However, the less heat is present in the PSU housing and in the computer housing, the less the fans have to perform and the quieter a computer system can consequently operate. With the Corsair AX1600i you save power and at the same time it improves the silent qualities of your computer.

The semi-passive design of the 140 mm Silent fan with FDB bearings then fits in with this. This begins only shortly before 40 percent utilization of the power supply to rotate, so from about 640 watts of power consumption of the supplied system. In other words, if your PC is idle or in a medium load state, your power supply will not make a murmur. And who builds a computer that does not consume more than 640 watts, which acquires with the Corsair AX1600i quasi a passive power supply, that thanks to the superior efficiency even at lower load levels more than convincing efficiency with it (for example, 94 percent at 300 watts load ).

Enormous, but such a network part totally adequate number of connections: 20 + 4-pin, twice 4 + 4-pin for high-end and server boards, crass ten PCIe plug for every imaginable multi-graphics card setup , Plus 16 SATA connectors and 9 peripheral Molex connectors! All of them are completely pluggable as needed, which is also required in view of the variety, to have a pleasantly tidy PC interior. In this way, the strands can also be laid very comfortably and anytime quickly make changes to the system.

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 200 mm (W x H x D)
- Fan: 140 mm (automatic control, semi-passive)
- Efficiency (115 V): max. 94%, 80 plus Titanium certificate
- Active PFC
- Form factor: ATX12V 2.4, EPS 2.92
- Input voltage: 115 - 240V
- Power: 1,600 W
- + 3.3V: 30A
- + 5V: 30A
- + 3.3V & + 5V combined: 180W
- + 12V: 1600W / 133.3A
- -12V: 9.6 W / 0.8 A
- + 5Vsb: 17.5W / 3.5A
- Connections (removable):
- 1x 20 + 4-pin ATX / EPS 610 mm)
- 2x 4 + 4-pin ATX12V / EPS12V (2x 650 mm)
- 10x 6 + 2-pin PCIe (6x 650 mm & 4x775 mm)
- 16x SATA (4x 665 mm & 12x 800 mm)
- 9x 4-pole molex (3x 650 mm)
- 2x floppy (2x 101 mm)
- 1x Corsair Link
- Life expectancy: 100,000 h (MTBF)
- Manufacturer's warranty: 10 years


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