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Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable - black
Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable - black
Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable - black

Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable - black


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MPN: CP-8920193
EAN: 843591090049
Warranty: 12 months

The optical enhancement of the own PC is becoming more and more popular for popular sport. In the course of this trend, more and more modders are considering cable sleeving.


In this case, individual or bundled cable strands are provided with a noble braided jacket and the transition pieces are fixed to the connections with a so-called shrink tube. This conversion is especially prestigious if each cable is individually sleeved, since this mod is very complex and leads to an incomparable look.

Apart from the effort, many users are afraid of a second reason before the sleeving - the security. If a cable is mistakenly mistaken, the power supply and the connected hardware are irreparably destroyed and the warranty is lost anyway. Corsair offers the solution with its Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable, which saves the user the annoying work and only has to exchange the appropriate cables.
The Corsair Premium Sleeved 4-pin Molex cable at a glance:

4-pin Molex cable with four connectors
Total length of 750 millimeters
High-quality Paracord material in black
Compatible with Corsair RMi, RMx and SF series power supplies
High quality sleeve cables for the optical upgrade of your system!

With this black 4-pin Molex cable, Corsair offers a practical and extremely stylish solution for connecting power supply and, for example, Which is compatible with Corsair RMi, RMx and SF Series power supplies as well as Corsair Type 4 power supplies. Each individual wire of these cables has been trimmed three times with high-quality Paracord material and securely connected to the shrink-free connectors. The connectors themselves were designed in black to create a professional and cool style or contrast.

This 750-millimeter-long 4-pin Molex cable can be connected to the power supply via the 6-pin type 4 plug and to the corresponding components via the four 4-pin Molex plugs.

Technical details:
Total length: 750 mm
Material: Textile Sleeve (Paracord)
Color: Black (Sleeves), Black (Plug)
Connections (per cable):
4x 4-pin Molex connector
1x 6-pin type 4 connector
Corsair RMi series
Corsair RMx Series
Corsair SF Series
Corsair Type 4 power supplies

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