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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UV Red - 1l, ready to use [Liquid Coolant Pro Red - 1l]

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UV Red - 1l, ready to use
Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UV Red - 1l, ready to use


After two years of intensive development and research work,

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MPN: Liquid Coolant Pro Red - 1l
EAN: 4260157580220
Warranty: 12 Months
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Coollaboratory is finally presenting its Liquid Coolant Pro coolant, which, in addition to an extremely elegant color, also promises optimal protection for water cooling. This is how the liquid should hold what only a few cooling liquids on the market can do: protect effectively and long-term against corrosion.

The features of the Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UVRed at a glance:
- Powerful coolant from Coollaboratory in UV red
- UV active under the influence of UV light
- Including corrosion protection
- Ready-to-use mixture in 1 liter bottle
- Without dyes and suspended matter
 -Does not form deposits in the circuit

The features of the Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UVRed in detail
The bright red and UV-active coolant guarantees uncompromising long-term protection even with mixing systems, which protects the individual metals and alloys in the water cycle. Whether copper, aluminum, brass, nickel or steel, the Liquid Coolant Pro provides extremely good protection for the components after only a short time.

In contrast to many other colored liquids, the Liquid Coolant Pro does not contain any color particles or suspended matter that could settle in the cooler or the pump and thus damage the water cooling.

It effectively prevents the formation of galvanic elements that destroy less noble metals. The corrosion current, which can be strongly measured in water cooling systems, is reduced by around 90% within two hours thanks to the inhibitors used in the coolant and by around 99% after one day. After two days there is no measurable electrochemical corrosion, which means that the water cooling is protected in the best possible way. Model prison!

Caution! The Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro must under no circumstances be mixed with other coolants and colors, as this can severely impair or even completely negate the protective effect.

When changing the coolant, you should completely drain the existing coolant from the water cooling and then rinse it with hot tap water for 5-10 minutes. Residues of the previously used liquid or production residues from coolers / radiators are flushed out of the water cooling. The use of cleaning agents is not recommended.

Technical details:
Red color
Contents: 1 liter of ready mix
Features: effective corrosion protection, biodegradable, long-term stability, glysantin free
Suitable for mixed operation! (Copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, silver, gold, steel)
Not a dangerous good according to GGVS / GGVE
Shelf life: Can be stored closed for more than 3 years


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Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro UV Red - 1l, ready to use
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