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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange [BG028]

Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange
Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange
Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange
Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange


The Silent Base 801 from be quiet! to name a revision of the popular predecessor Silent Base 800 is almost understated. The successor is even more than an upgrade, because it brings some fundamental changes, such as a power supply cover and a side window made of tempered glass.

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MPN: BG028
EAN: 4260052187050
Warranty: 12 Months
£138.10 inc VAT
  • USD $194.72 *

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 Remained is the whisper quiet operation, outstanding cooling performance, user-friendly design with plenty of space for high-end hardware. Manufacturer typical sets be quiet! again to maximum noise reduction. Pre-installed insulation mats with a thickness of 10 mm, controlled air flow, anti-vibration mounting elements and silent fans ensure quiet operation.

The features of the Silent Base 801 from be quiet!
- Functional and especially quiet Midi-Tower in a modern design
- Sideways tapered sound-absorbing air inlets on the front with orange trim
- Including 1 cm thick insulating mats on front, lid and side panel
- Three preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM fans
- 3-stage fan control controls up to 6 fans via PWM
- Radiators up to 420 millimeters possible

Stylish and functional and above all quiet
Visually, the new Silent Base 801 does not have to hide, the closed front is kept simple and appears in a matte black design. It is surrounded on each side by Orange framed beveled vents, which also dampen noise from the inside. The front of steel can be easily lifted out of the two top brackets to get to the air filter. The back of the front is lined with 10 mm thick insulation material. Behind the dust filter, the first of three pre-installed 140-mm fans from the quiet Pure Wings series from be quiet!

Inside the case, there's also plenty of room for five 3.5-inch drives or eleven 2.5-inch drives. Two 3.5-inch drives are installed without tools in a hard drive cage under the power supply cover, which is completely decoupled via silicone anti-vibration rails so that the transmission of vibration to the cage is prevented. For another HDD is a carrier, which can be mounted next to the motherboard behind the front. Other optional carriers allow up to seven 3.5-inch drives to be installed, and 2.5-inch devices even have 15.

Lots of room for well-cooled hardware
The Midi-Tower takes on motherboards in the form factors E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. If you want to install a CPU cooler, you can easily do so thanks to the recessed cutout in the side panel, but you should keep in mind the maximum height of 185 mm. Graphics cards can be installed in the seven expansion slots and can be 449 mm long. The depth shortens to 287 millimeters when data carriers block the way. With an optional riser cable, a graphics card can also be installed vertically.

Two fans are already pre-installed in the Silent Base 801. Two 140 mm Pure Wings 2 fans with 1,000 rpm at the front and one at the back - 3-stage fan control included! In addition, you can install three 140 or 120 in the cover, one 140-mm or 120-mm fan on the power supply cover and another 140 or two 120 in the front. If you prefer a water cooling system instead, you can install a 360 or 420 radiator on the front. The lid fits a 360-millimeter radiator. A laterally removable carriage makes it easy to fix both the radiator and the fan.

The unique combination of unique airflow and noise-isolating materials on the front and side panels make the Silent Base 801 a premium enclosure ideal for high-end gaming and quiet systems. The innovative construction of the side panels, case cover and case back ensures perfect air circulation and reduces turbulence, resulting in superior cooling performance with reduced fan speed and whisper-quiet operation.

An excellent cable management is ensured by several silicone openings in the matching orange and ample space behind the motherboard wall. The power supply is installed at the bottom and may be up to 288 mm long. The I / O panel is located on the lid and features a large, stylish power switch, two audio jacks, and two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 ports.

Technical details:
- Dimensions: 539 x 282 x 507.3 mm (L x W x H)
- Material: steel, ABS plastic
- Weight: approx. 11.43 kg
- Color: black / orange
- Form factor: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Total fan possible:
- 3x 120/140 mm (front)
- 1x 120/140 mm (back)
- 3x 120/140 mm (cover)
- 1x 120/140 mm (power supply cover)
- 2x 140 mm (front side, Pure Wings 2, max 1000 rpm)
- 1x 140 mm (rear side, Pure Wings 2, max 1000 rpm)
Radiator Mountings:
- 1x 420/360/280/240/140/120 mm (front side)
- 1x 120/140 mm (back)
- 1x 360/240/120 mm (cover)
- Filter: front, bottom, side panel (removable)
Drive Bays:
- 5x 3.5 inches (internal, tool-free, 7 with additional accessories)
- 11x 2.5 inches (internal, tool-less), 15 with additional accessories)
- Power supply: 1x standard ATX (optional)
- Expansion Slots: 7 + 2 vertical
I / O panel:
- 2x USB 3.0 (internal connection)
- 1x USB 2.0 (internal connection)
- 1x each audio in / out
- Insulation: front, side panel, cover
- Dust filter: front, bottom
- Maximum graphics card length: 449 mm
- Maximum graphics card length: 287 mm (with HDD cage)
- Maximum network part length: 288 mm
- Maximum CPU cooler height: 185 mm


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Be quiet! Silent Base 801 Midi Tower - orange
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