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Arctic Ceramique & ArctiClean Combo Pack
Arctic Ceramique & ArctiClean Combo Pack
Arctic Ceramique & ArctiClean Combo Pack
Arctic Ceramique & ArctiClean Combo Pack

Arctic Ceramique & ArctiClean Combo Pack


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Warranty: 12 months

High-Density ceramic content:
Céramique uses a high-density layered composite of five unique shapes of thermally conductive aluminium oxide, boron nitride and zinc oxide sub-micron particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer. This exclusive combination provides performance exceeding most metal based compounds. Coupled with Artic Clean for the ultimate setup.


ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Remover
ArctiClean 1 uses a proprietary combination of non-toxic biodegradable solvents to emulsify thermal greases or thermal pads. The citrus and soy based solvents in ArctiClean 1 match or exceed many hazardous and volatile solvents such as fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents, acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol, and toluene.

ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier
The cationic surfactants in ArctiClean 2 remove any residue left by the ArctiClean 1 leaving a pristine surface for the application of a new thermal interface material. It also incorporates advanced flash corrosion inhibitors that minimize the corrosion layer on copper and aluminum allowing for more intimate contact between the thermal interface material and the heatsink.

Why Not Just Use Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone?
Put isopropyl alcohol or acetone on a thermal pad and 10 minutes later you will have...A thermal pad.

Only with a lot of rubbing and scrubbing will you be able to remove the pad. While the alcohol or acetone may soften the pad, neither actually dissolves the pad.

• Thermal Resistance: <0.007°C-in2/Watt (0.001 inch layer)
• Thermal Conductance: >200,000W/m2.°C (0.001 inch layer)
• Average Particle Size: <0.38 microns <0.000015 inch (67 particles lined up in a row equal 1/1000th of an inch)
• Temperature limits Peak: -150°C to >180°C Long-Term: -150°C to 125°C
• Coverage Area 2.5-gram syringes. (About 1cc) At a layer 0.003" thick, one tube will cover approximately 20 square inches
• Céramique is engineered to not separate, run, migrate, or bleed
• Céramique does not contain any metal or other electrically conductive materials. It is a pure electrical insulator, neither electrically conductive nor capacitive

Controlled Triple-Phase Viscosity:
Céramique does not contain any silicone. The suspension fluid is a proprietary mixture of advanced polysynthetic oils that provide superior performance and long-term stability.

During the system’s initial use, the heat from the CPU lowers the viscosity of the compound to enhance the filling of the microscopic valleys and ensure a minimum bond line between the heatsink and the CPU core. Then the compound thickens slightly over the next 100 to 300 hours of use to its final consistency designed for long-term stability.

PLEASE NOTE: This should not be confused with conventional phase change pads that are pre-attached to many heatsinks. Those pads melt each time they get hot then re-solidify when they cool. The viscosity changes that Céramique goes through are much more subtle and ultimately much more effective.

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