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Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler [DCACO-V830001-GBA01]

Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler
Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler
Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler
Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler

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Padding instead of mess ... Under this motto, also presents Arctics revised passive VGA cooler with names Accelero S3, which succeeded the legendary Accelero S1 and S1 PLUS.

There is only one area where Artic is even better than Cooler: passive cooler, without the use of fans, for absolute silence! The Arctic Accelero S3 may even surpass the excellent performance of its predecessor S1 PLUS yet. Thanks to its patented heat sink technology, it is possible even to completely cool sophisticated graphics cards of the caliber of AMD Radeon R7 260X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 passive.
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MPN: DCACO-V830001-GBA01
EAN: 0872767006959
Warranty: 12 Months


Specifically, this means that all Garfikkartenmodelle are complete with a heat output of 135 watts TDP below a fanless use cooled. Silent enthusiasts will love the Accelero S3 reason. As a passive radiator, it works completely silent and keeps the graphics card still at low temperature. If the models listed in the compatibility list are cooled by alternative Arctic cooler with more than 135 watts, the use of an additional fan is needed, the Arctic Turbo module is purchased separately. Thus, the Accelero S3 up to 200 watts TDP is then available.

The high cooling potential reaches the passive cooler thanks to the large heatsink with 32 aluminum fins having a thickness of 0.4 mm and are arranged at a considerable distance from each other. This allows the airflow of the fan housing penetrate the lamellar block of S3. Four heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, the heat transport from the universal base plate to the radiator. On the back of an additional PCBs, use the black backplate with many surveys will be installed, which ensures there that the entire PCB of the graphics card is better cooled, which has a positive effect on the temperatures of voltage regulation and VRAM.

So far, the laborious installation of different cooling elements was necessary using a thermally conductive adhesive. This is no longer necessary thanks to the innovative back-side plate. Without adhesive may be the graphics card problem and residue returned to its original state. For the card with this rather severe cooling structure does not suffer and remain safely and securely and without bending in the PCIe slot, includes a retention mechanism, which is to be screwed once with the PCI slot covers the housing and connected to the other with the Accelero S3 will.

Note: Please check before buying whether the cooler fits into your case!

Technical details

     Dimensions Cooler: 230 x 42 x 135 mm (W x H x D)
     Dimensions Back Side Cooler: 218 x 23 x 98 mm (WxHxD)
     Weight cooler: approx 410 g
     Weight Back-Side Cooler: about 305 g
     Material: aluminum (blades backplate), Copper (base plate, heat pipes)
     Heatpipes: 4x 6 mm
     Cooling capacity:
     max. 135 watt passive
     max. 200 watts with optional S3 Turbo module
     Compatibility: only guarantees the following for the reference design VGA series:
     AMD Radeon
     R9 280 ** / ** 270X / 270 **
     R7 265 ** / 260X * / 260
     R7 250X / 250/240
     HD 8950 ** / ** 8870/8760 * / 8740
     HD 7870 XT ** / 7870 GHz Edt. ** / ** 7870/7850 * / 7790 * / 7770 GHz Edt. * / 7770 * / 7750/7730
     HD 6950 ** / ** 6870/6850 * / 6790 ** / 6770 * / 6750/6670 LP / 6670/6570
     HD 5850 ** / ** 5830/5770 * / 5750/5670/5550 OEM / 5550
     HD 4890 ** / ** 4870/4850 * / 4830 * / 4770/4730/4670/4650/4550/4350 LP / 4350
     HD 3870 * / 3850/3690/3650/3470/3450
     NVIDIA GeForce
     GTX 760 ** / 750 Ti / 750
     GTX 680 ** / ** 670/660 Ti ** / ** 660/650 Ti Boost Edt. ** / Ti 650 * / 650
     GTX 560 Ti ** / ** 560 SE / 550 Ti *
     GTX 465 ** / ** 460/460 SE **
     GTS 450 * / 250 ** / 240 (OEM) *
     GT 640/630/440/340/330/320/240/220

* Only for use in a well ventilated enclosure recommended!

** Only in combination with an additional S3 Turbo module recommended!

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Arctic Accelero S3 Passive VGA Cooler
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