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Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel [21725]

Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel
Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel
Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel
Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel

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The cuplex kryos NEXT marks a new milestone in CPU waterblock development.
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MPN: 21725
EAN: 4260473311270
Warranty: 12 Months
Check your hardware compatibility here Aquacomputer GPU Configurator


Every detail has been analyzed, optimized and tested to achieve perfection in cooling performance, installation procedure and product features. The result is not just a CPU waterblock with outstanding performance - it is a product series with various models differing in color and functionality. The VARIO models are the first CPU water blocks to become a CPU, CPU, and CPU. Models with VISION module are equipped with modern electronics: High resolution OLED display, integrated water temperature sensor and USB interface are just three of the features.

Base part of the micro structure
The base part of the cuplex kryos NEXT is equipped with an extremely fine microstructure, the structural width is lower than 200 μm. The coolant is injected through a slot-shaped nozzle and then runs to both sides of the structure. The base is made of copper, nickel plated copper or .925 sterling silver depending on model.

Retention system
The cuplex kryos NEXT retention system. 2.5 mm thick stainless steel plates with nickel plated spring cups. Springs and knurled screws secure the waterblock on the motherboard, the retention system has a very clean look when installed. All retention system versions feature a mechanical stop for optimum clamping force and even force distribution. The knurled screws can be installed by hand, additionally a hexagon socket wrench can be used for easy installation.
Water blocks for sockets 115x or AM3 include a steel backplate with silicone to stabilize the CPU region of the motherboard. Socket 2011 or AM4 motherboards already have a backplate as part of the CPU socket, therefore no additional backplate is required.
For optimum performance, every cuplex kryos NEXT ships with outstanding thermal compound. A syringe with 0.5 grams of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is included, complete with plastic spatula. This compound has a high thermal conductivity and spreads out of thin and evenly between CPU and water block due to its low viscosity. The amount is sufficient for approximately five applications.

VARIO: Adjustable geometry
The geometry of the base part of the cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO variants can be adjusted using the four adjusting screws on the sides of the water block. Each CPU is unique - even slightest variations in height or shape of the metallic lids. Priorities to adjust the geometry of the water blocks always required the water block to be disassembled and then reinstalled on the motherboard, required significant time and effort. With the cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO, the geometry is perfectly adjusted in just a few moments. While monitoring core temperatures at maximum CPU load, simply change the geometry using the four adjusting screws. Temperature changes.

VISION: Integrated electronics
The VISION variants of the cuplex kryos NEXT are equipped with a microcontroller board and OLED display. The features include:
- Water temperature sensor integrated in waterblock
- connector for flow sensor, can alternatively used a alarm output
- USB interface
- aquabus interface for communication with an aquaero 5 or 6
- Customizable display output
- Various hardware data can be displayed from the aquasuite software, for example current CPU load
The acrylic glass versions of the cuplex kryos NEXT with VISION are also equipped with a RGB LED.
Due to limited space, a maximum of two cables can be threaded into the water block. The following combinations are possible:
- USB and aquabus
- USB and flow sensor or alarm output
- aquabus and flow sensor or alarm output

Color variants
The top part of the water block is available in various materials and coatings:
Acetal black: Shiny black high-tech plastic
Acrylic glass: transparent body suitable for illumination
Copper: Reddish gloss
Nickel plated brass: Bright metallic gloss
PVD plated brass: High quality multilayer coating, dark metallic gloss

Material combination
PVD / nickel: Top part PVD plated brass, base nickel plated copper

Technical details
Socket AM4: 111 x 75 x 22 mm (not including screws)
Connection threads: G1 / 4
Distance between threads: 24 mm

Scope of delivery
- Water block
- Mounting material (screws, springs, etc.)
- Thermal compound Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, approx. 0.5 grams in syringe
- Plastic spatula
- Instruction manual


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Aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4, PVD/nickel
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