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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 GR SchuKo - USV (720 Watt) [BR1200G-GR]

APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 GR SchuKo - USV (720 Watt)
APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 GR SchuKo - USV (720 Watt)


APC by Schneider Electric is a company that has specialized in addition to enterprise solutions on a reliable power supply of home computers , hi-fi equipment and other household electrical appliances and in the region has high reputation .

At the foundation in 1981 , the focus was still at the solar energy , meanwhile, is APC ( American Power Conversion) with its systems for uninterruptible power supply (UPS , English: UPS ) and surge protection devices (Surge Protection) a leading provider of end- to-end solutions promoted to ensure the real-time infrastructure .

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EAN: 0731304286837
Warranty: 12 Months
£444.55 inc VAT
  • USD $590.41 *

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The Series UPS Back-UPS PRO offers high failure protection for high performance computer systems, both in business and at home . The built-in surge protection with automatic voltage regulation (AVR ) corrects voltage fluctuations and is more power efficient by the new " ECO mode " . In addition, the models in this series feature a multi-function LCD console and a PC interface including monitoring software Powerchute Personal Edition Including option to store files and automatically shut down the computer. Moreover, an assurance of connected devices applies to all models in the series Back-UPS PRO over 150,000 euros * . There are variants with IEC sockets ( IEC 320 C13 ) for connection to protective equipment or protective contact sockets ( Schuko ) available .
The holiday Back-UPS PRO 1200 G -GR provides a maximum output power of 720 watts or 1,200 VA with a nominal output voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50/60 (+ / - 3 ) Hz at the output. The UPS device based on a maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries has three SchuKo jacks ( CEE 7) for the power failure protection , three more sockets for a surge protector as well as several RJ- 45 jacks for twice the data line protection ( even with Gigabit LAN support) and the USB or serial connection to the computer. As input port an angled Schuko plug (CEE 7/7P ) is present, the nominal input voltage of 230 V at a frequency of 50/60 (+ / - 3 ) Hz
In this way, one or several terminals for a certain period of time can be autonomous, ie independent from the power supply are supplied with energy. The backup time depends on the called- terminal capabilities and is at a load of 72 watts approximately 82.6 minutes , at 720 watts load about 5.4 minutes. The APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 indicates visually and / or audibly whether the power supply to the connected devices currently by mains or UPS battery is made whether this is soon exhausted , and whether there is a current overload on the power line . The typical charging time of the UPS batteries is 8 hours.
The built-in surge protection line can absorb energy up to 441 joules ( Surge energy rating ) . APC also integrated on this model , a master -slave configuration for some of the current issuing protection contact jacks. Consumes a device connected to the master SchuKo socket terminal ( for example, a computer ) , no more energy - perhaps because it was automatically turned off normally by hand or power failure and after depletion of the battery capacity - even the power of three other terminals is ( for example, a monitor , sound system, etc. ) is set to the three slave sockets.
Technical details :
Dimensions: 112 x 301 x 382 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 13 kg
Color: Black
1x CEE 7/7P protective contact plug (230 V , 50/ 60 + / - 3 Hz)
1x RJ- 45 jack ( Data Line Protection , Gigabit support)
1x RJ -11 jack ( Dataline )
3x CEE 7 Protective contact socket (power failure protection, 230 V , 50/ 60 + / - 3 Hz; 1x Master , 1x Slave)
3x CEE 7 Protective contact socket (overvoltage protection; 2x Slave)
2x RJ- 45 jack (1x data line protection , 1x USB-/Serial-Verbindung )
1x RJ -11 jack (1x data line protection)
Power Saving : 1x Master
3x slave
Uninterruptible Power Supply :
Battery Type : Lead Acid Battery
Output power: max . 720 W ( 1,200 VA)
Autonomy time: min. 5.4 min/720 W, max . 82.6 min/72 W
Battery charging time (typical) : 8 h
Battery replacement cartridge : APCRBC124
Overvoltage protection:
Surge energy rating : max. 441 J
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years
Equipment protection policy : Lifetime , to 150,000 euros *


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APC Back-UPS PRO 1200 GR SchuKo - USV (720 Watt)
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