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AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed [AD787KXDJCSBX]

AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed
AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed
AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed
AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed
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This new revision of AMD A10-7870K desktop processor with improved Godavari architecture of Kaveri family is technically identical to the original model, but comes as a boxed version with the brand new AMD Wraith CPU cooler, the result even before dedicated processor coolers its surprisingly good (and quiet) cooling properties not need to hide and is celebrated in the press even as the best boxed cooler on the market.
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EAN: 0730143307833
Warranty: 12 Months


 It is, however, a minimally stripped down light version of Wraith-cooler without fan panel and thus without illuminated AMD logo. At the bottom plate of thermally well conducting full copper already ready thermal paste is further applied so that the cooler can be mounted directly.

AMD A10-7870K including AMD Wraith "Light" CPU cooler
The reinforced with four copper heatpipes AMD Wraith cooler in proven top Blower design is designed for a TDP of 125 watts. Even at first glance it can be seen that the new model is significantly larger and therefore cool faster than previous models of the same capacity. Even the improved fan with 85 mm rotor has grown from formerly 70 x 70 x 10 mm frame size with 65-mm rotor on now 105 x 95 x 25 mm and thereby audibly quieter. In addition, he has an increased delivery volume of 94.77 m³ / h instead of 70.8 m³ / h at the same time significantly reduced maximum speed of 4,800 to 3,000 r / min.

The AMD A10-7870K is one of the top models of the current generation APU codenamed Godavari, a refresh of the preceding Kaveri APUs. The new JC-Stepping continues to use the Kaveri-based, however, thanks to the optimized manufacturing process increased clock rates for the processor and graphics part with improved overall efficiency. Thus, the revised Spike APU continues to work back to 4 MB L2 cache and uses it for the processor-Part two continues the revised Steamroller modules (total 4 CPU cores).

These are characterized by an increased per-clock performance and an extensive feature range, such as AES encryption, AMD-V virtualization technology or SSE and AVX instruction set extensions. The fabricated chip in 28 nm clocked into the basic level with 3900 MHz and can increase via Turbo Core 3.0 under load and the clock of single cores up to 4,100 MHz. Since it is a Black Edition, also the uncomplicated overclocking via the unlocked multiplier is possible, although this would involve the loss of warranty.

The modern architecture of the CPU-graphics chips accordingly, the silicon includes a total of some 12 computer units, divided into the four-mentioned 64-bit CPU cores (2 modules) and eight "Compute Units" the graphics unit (yields 512 shaders) with 867 MHz clock. The greater part of the APU graphics-trailer combination collected in the form of an integrated Radeon R7 series almost half of the total chip area and has increased compared to the previous A10-7850K neatly on clock. The architecture is based is called GCN (Graphics Core Next) and place both in the dedicated Radeon graphics cards in the HD-7000 and R-series, as well as the latest game consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4 application.

In addition, the APU combines several other important functions in it, which were formerly separately vorfand in the chipset on the motherboard, such as the memory controller with a native support for DDR3 memory up to 2133 MHz clock. Here AMD now uses a heterogeneous system architecture, whereby graphics and processor cores working together more intensively. A feature of this technology is the new memory management called Huma that helps to provide shared access to the PC's RAM, which can be used equally by both parties. Both functional units can thus always exchange information with each other and operate independently.

Overall, this symbiotic chip provides potent computing power for undemanding gaming claims - and all without a dedicated graphics card! With its TDP of 95 watts, it thus enables multimedia and entry-level gaming PC in miniature and is ideal for use in ITX Cube or enclosures. Other highlights include e.g. support for multi-monitor Eyefinity velvet, ultra-HD resolutions (4K) or AMD True Audio and Mantle API that will provide an even better gaming experience. In addition, the integrated Universal Video Decoder (UVD) plays all imaginable forms of HD video material from liquid, without thereby burdening the CPU. This boxed version of the processor a fitting Wraith "Light" CPU cooler from AMD included.

Note: To use a Godavari APU is necessarily an FM2 + -Mainboard required, possibly with BIOS or UEFI update.

Technical details:
    Type: AMD A10-7870K
    Steamroller / Godavari
    Production: 28 nm
    CPU cores: 4 (2 Steamroller modules)
    CPU clock: 3.9 GHz
    Turbo mode (max.): 4.1 GHz
    Level 2 cache: 4 MB
    GPU Type: AMD Radeon R7
    Graphics Core Next
    GPU Clock: 867MHz
    Shader units: 512 (8 Compute Units)
    Storage Controller: internal
    Memory channels: 2
    Memory Standard: DDR3 (up to 2133 MHz)
    TDP: 95 Watt
    Socket compatibility: FM2 +
    Greatly improved AMD Wraith "Light" CPU cooler supplied
    4 cores: good desktop performance
    integrated: strong Radeon graphics unit
    CPU Features: SSE4a, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, NX bit, AMD64, Cool'n'Quiet
    AVX instruction set (Advanced Vector Extensions)
    AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard)
    AMD-V (virtualization technology)
    Turbo Core 3.0: automatic boost in clock speed
    free multiplier: uncomplicated overclocking
    Graphic features: DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.2, Eyefinity 2.0, tessellation
    Dual Graphics: faster with dedicated additional graphics card

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AMD A10-7870K Wraith, 4 core, 3.9 GHz (Godavari), Radeon R7 - boxed
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