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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 - WCUK Update and Order Collection Status

COVID-19 Update: 28/06/2021 - 9:00am - We remain OPEN

We are experiencing some warehouse processing delays
on orders due to the high demand and new distancing policies in place. We're operational from our new building allowing us to do this in a safer way.

- We do have a high volume of orders right now, and as a result have some processing delays in our warehouse.
- The ETA we display on the category / product page and cart may be exceeded due to this.
- Safety of our staff remains at the front of our mind, we still remain closed to customers for order collection.
- Workplace / Team distancing is being adhered to as closely as possible during this time.
- Royal Mail are experiencing higher volume than normal, please allow 1-2 days delay in some cases after dispatch.
- DPD we still have 2 collections each day due to increased volume.
- We are actively upgrading customers to faster delivery services where possible.

We are experiencing some delays in our supply chain on goods which come to us from suppliers. We can no longer guarantee Express shipping to get to you next day at the moment, it will be within 1 working days once dispatched.

The warehouse continues to be cleaned each morning and each day with disinfectant spray, and we continue to work faster with our new distancing and clean hands policies in place but it's nowhere near as fast as normal.

We have restricted access into the building for drivers in an aim to protect our staff and prolong our ability to operate normally during this situation. We are also NOT open to the public at the moment so please do not turn up to attempt to order or collect from us, you will be turned away.

1. Confirmation from our couriers indicate that daily collections are not affected yet, however our daily volume is currently exceeding the amount of which the DPD collection vehicle can take, they are putting measures in place to ensure we are supported during this busy time.

We are open as normal for Online ordering.

2. We have unfortunately had to remove the Collection options from the website and Close the Store as the new Government rules came into place on 05/11/2020 - we aim to get back to normal operations as soon as the Coronavirus is contained, or we feel we are able to do so safely.

Our Workforce

The safety of our staff is the main priority, we have adjusted internal operation to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Safe working conditions are prioritized internally and staff that can work from home are doing so.

1. Our staff are working incredibly hard at the moment to clean the working environment before work starts and again afterwards in an effort to reduce the spread of any viruses, so small delays are to be expected due to the increased work load.

2. We are currently operating at around 70% staff, so delays are to be expected due to the increased volume of sales we are currently seeing.

Warehouse and Logistics

We are limiting the amount of interactions our staff have with the outside world during working hours, and also applying a safe distance for team members working together to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

1. Collection and Delivery drivers must wear gloves or have cleanly washed hands before entering our collection area.

2. Collection drivers are advised to wait in their vans until the collection slot is available, and then our staff are wheeling cages with all packages out to their vans to load at distance.

3. The cages are then fully cleaned ready for the next day, and will be cleaned again in the morning before work.

Suppliers and Incoming stock

We have a vast amount of stock already in the channel on the way to us from suppliers all over the world, we are trying to limit the delay of these products where possible by using Air Freight to speed things up. Some of our suppliers such as Hardware Labs are currently working at a 50% capacity and have delays with materials which are slowing down restocks on those products. Some suppliers in Europe have a longer restock time now due to Brexit paperwork, goods can be stuck in customs for up to 2 weeks in some cases causing delays.

Please bear with us while we work with these suppliers to bring in existing and new product ranges as you normally see from us.

A Note from us..

We are experiencing a high number of orders due to customers working from home and needing IT equipment to do so. We will remain open with the new policies we have in place but please understand we are extremely busy at the moment, and using our new work from home initiative as long as possible to support our customer base.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below:


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