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Motherboard Chipset Blocks

SPECIAL OFFER Enzotech CNB-S1L Passive Northbridge Heatsink

Enzotech has once again brought an innovation to the market which is yet to be matched!...
0 Reviews
SKU: CB6-14304
EAN: 4712558091022
 1 In Stock
£13.45 inc VAT

Aqua Computer water cooler for aquaero 5, G1 / 4

This small water chiller provides effective cooling of the Aquaero 5 power levels. As this is a high-end air and water cooling control, this extension is indeed close. ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 4260073413473
 1 In Stock
£22.48 inc VAT

NB/SB Core Protective Foam Pad - 1.5mm

This special pad prevents damages and chipping or shorts and fits on all Chips without a protective frame with an open Core....
0 Reviews
SKU: 31008
EAN: 31008
 2 In Stock
£2.39 inc VAT
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