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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)   |   We are open for Online Orders   |   More Info

Brand Showcase: CiT

CiT 500W Builder Power Supply Bulk Pack

Key Features Cooling: 12cm Fan CE Approved ATX 12V Compliant for all Types of CPU and Mainboard 20 + 4 Pin Motherboard Connector 3 x SATA Connectors ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 0
Out Of Stock
£14.87 inc VAT

CiT S506 Micro ATX Desktop Case 1 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 3.0

The CIT S506 slim desktop case is notably strong for its modest size, creating the perfect case for System Integrators. The CIT S506 features a full tool-less design, with 2 x USB 3.0 and 1 x USB 2.0 and a quick release HDD housing system for fast installation with minimal effort. The included base allows for vertical installation of the S506...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492408426
 1 In Stock
£37.16 inc VAT

CiT Raider White 4 x Halo Spectrum RGB Fans Glass Front and Side MB SYNC

The CiT Raider is a Mid Tower professional gaming case with a 4mm tempered glass front panel and a full tempered glass left side panel, allowing you to see the light from your Spectrum fans. The Raider comes with a simple and easy to build design and a popular gaming internal structure. You can fit a total of eight fans but it comes with 4 x ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492408198
Out Of Stock
£55.99 inc VAT

CiT C1055 RGB Strip 1 x LED Fan With Perspex Panel

The C1055 is a Mid-Tower PC gaming case perfect for those looking to build a top-quality gaming rig without blowing their budget. This case is designed especially for gamers who want a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality.This C1055 is excellently designed inside and out, at the core is an easy to build o...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492408327
Out Of Stock
£30.91 inc VAT

CiT C100 Mesh Midi Case With Front with Tempered Glass Side

The C100 is a Mid-Tower PC gaming case perfect for gamers who want a case that maximises performance along with aesthetics.With huge cooling capabilities you can mount a total of nine fans and with an airflow specific design, the full mesh front fascia and side vents running down both sides ensuring your system can ta...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492408334
Out Of Stock
£36.23 inc VAT

CiT C1007 Midi Chassis with LED Strip 1 x LED Fan Temp Glass

The C1007 is a Mid-Tower PC gaming case perfect for gamers looking to build a top quality gaming rig without blowing there budget. This case is well designed inside and out, at the core is an easy to build on chassis. With the ability to mount nine fans in total, this case is not all about the appearance.An spectrum R...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492408341
Out Of Stock
£42.94 inc VAT

CiT Cosmic Halo Dual Ring Rainbow RGB 120mm Fan with 5V Addressable 3pin Header 3pin Power

The CiT Cosmic Halo Dual-Ring Rainbow LED Fan are designed with the gaming enthusiast in mind. The dual-ring Rainbow LEDs, will bathe your components in cool LED light, as well as giving any tempered glass or mesh panel (which they are near) a more unique look. With a fan speed of approximately 1500rpm, along with the hydro bearing, keep the ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407603
 2 In Stock
£8.77 inc VAT

CiT 400W Micro Atx PSU M-400U

The CiT Micro SFC 400W offers you the most suitable cost/performance ratio, making it the best choice for a system builder.The 12V CPU power is available for a high-end PC system, with its 2 x SATA connectors meaning you can use it in a compact desktop chassis....
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492411051
Out Of Stock
£18.50 inc VAT

CiT 400W HE Black Edition PSU 12cm Single Rail CE PFC Model 400HE

CiT has been supplying to the IT industry for approx. 10 years and has been constantly updating their PSUs to meet with popular demand. With this in mind, they have decided to update their already successful range to meet with the demand....
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492411044
Out Of Stock
£21.64 inc VAT

CiT 300W Micro Atx PSU M-300U

300W Micro Atx PSU...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492411020
 1 In Stock
£15.94 inc VAT

CiT EZ-Touch Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set Black

The keyboard with its stylish and ergonomic design has the enhanced multimedia keys to allow you to open documents, reply to e-mails and control the multimedia programs on your PC, all at the touch of a button with the enhanced multimedia keys.The mouse has been ergonomically designed to be used in either the left or the right hand, along wit...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492406019
Out Of Stock
£9.84 inc VAT

CiT Avenger Illuminated keyboard & Mouse 3 Colour

The WKB208 Black keyboard has a standard design, the keycaps are ABS and the plate is metal, making it hard- wearing meaning it will last longer. It has 3 LED backlight colours, these include Red, Blue and Purple. The colour and lighting mode can be changed and the brightness can be adjusted. The keyboard surface is easily cleanable and noiseless. ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492406026
 2 In Stock
£19.19 inc VAT

CiT WK-838 Premium Mini Keyboard M-Media

The CiT WK-838 is an excellent ultra-thin low profile, small framed premium keyboard, fitted with a touch membrane under each key you get a smooth and timely response from each press. The WK-838 is compact in size, making it ideal for business or home users with limited desk space and is a great on the go solution. ...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407931
 20+ In Stock
£6.64 inc VAT

CiT KBMS-001 USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo Black Retail

USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo Black Retail...
0 Reviews
EAN: 0
 10+ In Stock
£9.65 inc VAT

CiT KB-2106C USB/PS2 Combo Keyboard Black

USB/PS2 Combo Keyboard Black...
0 Reviews
EAN: 0
 10+ In Stock
£4.51 inc VAT

CiT Connect Keyboard 7 Colour LED Phone Rest and USB Hub

The CiT Connect gaming keyboard is made using rubber dome switches, the strong, crisp and tactile feel enables you to execute commands much faster than previous CiT keyboards. Designed for gamers and those that spend long periods of time on there computer, the Connect has device storage, various colour modes, USB pass-through port and much more....
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407894
  In Stock
£17.74 inc VAT

CiT Builder Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard

The CiT Builder RGB has everything you would want from a gaming keyboard and will fit right in with your other peripherals. You can switch between 7 different colours at the touch of a button with bright LEDs running throughout to provide true colour lighting.With a low profile base and minimal boarder, the Builder RGB has a clean and simplis...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407900
Out Of Stock
£9.70 inc VAT

CiT Seven MATX Gaming Case Rainbow RGB Strip 1 x Rainbow RGB Fan Acrylic Side

With a design you usually find on higher end cases, the Seven pushes the CIT brand in to new territory. A MATX case designed with a black, plastic anti-dust front panel embraces 2 large RGB strips in the shape of the number 7. The strips can be synced with the rear 120 Single-Ring Halo Spectrum fan that is included giving any PC build a fantastic &...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407856
Out Of Stock
£31.13 inc VAT

CiT S014B Black Slim Micro ATX or ITX Case 300w PSU Built-in Card-Reader

CiT S014B micro slim case, is a case with a very compact design. Allowing you to save desk space, the S014B front panel is made with mesh details, along with a an 8cm fan which is included at the top for the best airflow and the S014B also comes with a silent micro SFX 300W PSU, it helps to provide the best performance business PC system....
4 Reviews
EAN: 5055492405913
Out Of Stock
£40.07 inc VAT

CiT Beam MATX Gaming Case Rainbow RGB Strip 1 x Rainbow RGB fan Acrylic Side

The CiT Beam is a MATX PC gaming case with a difference, the front panel comes with an RGB strip that has 14 different colour modes to choose from and a unique curve. The Beam has an internal layout that is crafted for gamers, with room for eights fans in total and one single-ring Halo Spectrum fan included....
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407863
Out Of Stock
£28.09 inc VAT

CIT MTX-008B Mini-ITX Desktop / Tower with 300w TFX Bronze 80+ PSU | Black

CiT MTX-008B300W Mini-ITX Case can be put vertical or horizontal, you can install a slim laptop ODD on the front panel. The MTX-008B 300W has thicker steel and measures at 0.6mm to provide a stronger and stable PC system. CiT MTX-008B300W chassis has no black coating inside for matching CE & EMI and it comes with a tool-less PCI desi...
0 Reviews
EAN: 5055492407665
Out Of Stock
£65.09 inc VAT
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