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WCUK Spec 240LS Illusion - Black Ice Professional Watercooling Kit - ECO
WCUK Spec 240LS Illusion - Black Ice Professional Watercooling Kit - ECO
WCUK Spec 240LS Illusion - Black Ice Professional Watercooling Kit - ECO
WCUK Spec 240LS Illusion - Black Ice Professional Watercooling Kit - ECO

WCUK Spec 240LS Illusion - Black Ice Professional Watercooling Kit - ECO


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This product is currently out of stock or EOL, please contact us for an ETA.

Warranty: 12 months

This Professionally selected Watercooling Kit has additional items listed under Product Options below which can be added to your order and should be properly looked through before you click "add to basket".

NOTE: Please make sure that you select your CPU Socket preference, and any custom colours you may wish to choose, if nothing is selected below then we'll supply you a kit with standard INTEL mounting.

Please select your custom options below

Product Options

  I don't want any Coolant Colour    
XSPC - EC6 Non Conductive Coolant - Clear / UV + £8.99 [ In Stock ]
XSPC - EC6 Non Conductive Coolant - UV Blue + £8.99 [ In Stock ]
XSPC - EC6 Non Conductive Coolant - UV Green + £8.99 [ In Stock ]
XSPC - EC6 Non Conductive Coolant - Blood Red + £8.99 [ In Stock ]
WCUK Silver Kill Coil 99.999% Pure Fine Silver + £4.19 [ In Stock ]
  I don't want any Thermal Compound    
Arctic Silver 5 - 12g + £18.60 [ In Stock ]
GELID GC-Extreme Cutting Edge Thermal Compound 3.5g + £7.70 [ In Stock ]
XSPC K3 Premium Thermal Compound 1.5g + £3.59 [ In Stock ]
  I don't want any Pre-Assembled Kit    
Yes, please pre-fill and setup my WCUK Spec kit + £5.40  
No, please send the parts seperatley for me to install  


About our Kits

These premium kits are selected by our professional minded team, from a mixture of best selling items and best performing items. We pride ourselves on providing the customer with excellent perfoming hardware that we choose to be the best in range and what we would recomended on a daily basis to customers.

All our Professional Series Kits cases are put together from a mixture of custom parts, coolant is included but can be colour configured below under Product Options.

Only the best quality hose and compression fittings are used in our setups as standard to ensure that each Kit has a leak free life time from the time you install the system to when you no longer wish to use it, OR want to upgrade to the next best thing. All our Professional Series Kits ship with a full 12 Month RTB warranty.

Each Kit come with a 24pin PSU bridging tool which enables you to run your PSU without having to power your Motherboard during your installation and leak testing process.

Watercooling Spec

Please note: These parts are standard unless you select any custom options from above. Custom options replace standard installed parts and is an upgrade price from standard not as well as.

- 1x Black Ice® Nemesis Radiator LS 240 - Black
- 1x Strike ONE CPU Waterblock - (Select Socket Above)
- 1x Magicool 12V DCP450 Quiet Pump/Reservoir 450lph
- 2x White Blade Case Fan - 1500RPM (120x120x25mm) (19db dB (A))
- 2x 3/8" ID - 1/2" OD Flexible CLEAR Hose 1m (OR Select Type Above)
- Generic, Black Plated Compression Fittings (OR Select Type Above)
- XSPC EC6 Clear Non conductive Coolant (Includes Anti Algae/Corrosion treatment) (OR Select Type Above)

Things to Note

We do try our best to keep stock of all items at all times, however if there is any picking issues with this kit or if anything is not available we may exchange this for a like for like (performance) alternative. Should this happen, we will contact you.

Kits are put together to order and depending how busy we are and if everything is in stock the lead time can be 24hrs. We will keep you up to date with the progress by way of email.

On arrival, if you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us using the support system.

We ship CPU Waterblock installation instructions and a 24Pin ATX Bridging Tool with every Professional Kit.

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This is just magic

I was looking at the old kit for ages, and when i finally came to buy it wcuk had updated the listing and spec to make it even better.

really pleased, and performs really well. its knocked 14c off my i7 6700k cpu under load.

Written By A.Sinclare on Mon 17th Oct 16, 14:50

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