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Tygon E3603 Hose 19.1/12.7mm (1/2ID - 3/4OD) Clear - 1m
Tygon E3603 Hose 19.1/12.7mm (1/2ID - 3/4OD) Clear - 1m
Tygon E3603 Hose 19.1/12.7mm (1/2ID - 3/4OD) Clear - 1m

Tygon E3603 Hose 19.1/12.7mm (1/2ID - 3/4OD) Clear - 1m


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SKU: 59005
EAN: 4049469020231
Warranty: 12 months

Crystal clear and flexible, Tygon is considered to be the best hose around, it's clarity is unmatched!


Laboratory Tubing handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab.
It is non-oxidizing and non-contaminating. Long-lasting and crack-resistant, Tygon Laboratory Tubing is less permeable than rubber tubing.
The glassy-smooth inner bore helps prevent buildup so that cleaning is facilitated.

Coils are marked at 1-foot intervals for easy measuring.
Tygon Laboratory Tubing is specially formulated for resistance to flex-fatigue and abrasion.
In many peristaltic pump applications, it will outlast its nearest competitor by at least 2 to 1.
As a tubing for instrumentation connection, vent, drain andother general laboratory applications, Tygon Laboratory Tubing offers superior life, which minimizes the labor and expense of replacement.

Tygon Laboratory Tubing has a Shore A Durometer of 55, which enables it to be slipped over fittings quickly and easily, and to grip securely. Its ability to bend readily to sharp radius curves speeds and simplifies laboratory set-ups. Available in 1/2" ID - 3/4" OD. Price is per meter.

• 1/2" ID Tubing with 1/8" Wall thickness (3/4" OD)
• Max Temperature 60ºC
• Min Temperature -45ºC
• Sold Per 1 Meter lengths
• 1 Meter is equal to 3.28 Feet

All Hose listings are 1m increments.

Please add multiples of this item into your cart for the required length in meters. For example 5 meters would be 5x of this item.

Your hose will arrive in one full piece unless we are forced to split due to the roll ending and another starting.

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Plasticizer problems

I love tygon for it\'s ease of use and great reliability but unfortunately it keeps letting me down. The plasticizer tends to leech after a few months of use causing the tubing to turn a sickly milk white and deposit on the reservoir.

A great product but not for long term use.

Written By Jadeskye on Fri 28th Mar 14, 20:52

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