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Team Group Elite Plus Series black, DDR4-2400, CL16 - 32 GB Kit
Team Group Elite Plus Series black, DDR4-2400, CL16 - 32 GB Kit

Team Group Elite Plus Series black, DDR4-2400, CL16 - 32 GB Kit


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UPC: TPKD432GM2400HC16QC01
EAN: 0765441624276
Warranty: 12 months

DDR4 is the date specified by the JEDEC RAM standard. The greatest benefits of DDR4 memory that can be used with DDR4 memory banks only on compatible motherboards, Overview: It uses less energy, since the reference voltage is only 1.2 V, while even DDR3 Low Voltage memory even at 1 , 35 V was. Also official - - ​​clock rate range increases, so most bars have more MHz in addition DDR4 is. And finally, the memory density DDR4 DIMMs was compared DDR3 increased, so that individual modules can now have an even higher maximum capacity.


The memory modules from Groups Team Elite Plus Series have been designed to be a good price-performance RAM, they therefore combine a reasonable purchase price with good performance. The DDR4 RAM modules have fairly flat heat spreader, so that the Elite-Plus-memory unnecessarily in the height is (31.25 mm) - an advantage in confined systems. 
In this DDR4 RAM kit four 8-GB DIMMs are included (32 GB capacity) with black PCBs. With support for Intel XMP 2.0, the correct settings are made automatically by compatible motherboards, so the Elite Plus then clocked at 1.2 volts at 2400 MHz and achieves latencies of CL 16-16-16-39. The memory can be used in this set of four dual-channel or on X99 boards in quad-channel mode. Team Group granted a very long warranty period of 10 years! 
Technical Details: 
Overall height: 31.25 mm 
Memory Type: DDR4 
Capacity: 32 GB / 8 GB 4x (Dual / Quad-Channel) 
Clock: 2400 MHz 
Latency: CL 16-16-16-39 
Voltage: 1.2 V 
Manufacturer Warranty: limited lifetime (10 years)

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