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Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercooling Case V.1 Black Edition
Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercooling Case V.1 Black Edition
Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercooling Case V.1 Black Edition
Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercooling Case V.1 Black Edition

Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Watercooling Case V.1 Black Edition


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SKU: 73355
EAN: 4049469128616
Warranty: 12 months

Bargain Bin Please Note: This item is brand new, fully working and in no way second condition. We have hand picked this from our extensive range and applied a healthy discount on a limited QTY for a few lucky customers who take advantage of. #bargainbin
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The housings are made of 1.5 mm thick steel and therefore extremely durable, which is frequent in the water cooling conversion extremely beneficial. Each of the black powder-coated parts, ie, front & rear, interior, side panels, everything can be removed and remounted. No rivets fastened with M4 screws everything! This allows modders a new dimension of a housing modification.
Case modders will not only have fun in this system. These cases are just the beginning, because all parts can be replaced according to your wishes. It may be a side panel with Plexifenster, the lid should be a different radiator installed, the back should be equipped with 2 power supplies, all of these optional components are available from the manufacturer as soon Phobya commercially.
Individually, the front! Supplied have been omitted on purpose to push buttons or switches. Each two 19mm holes, here in the front lines are laid down. These are optimized for the variety of commercially available switches. Who swears to quality is also suitable probe of Phobya. Of course there'll be too different front options to make this in the future can be as individual as possible.

Water cooling is the issue that was brought in these types of housing in the focus. Sun hose and cable guides are optimized dehingehend. All rubber holes for hoses and cables can be removed to install Fillport there, with classic 19mm Lochbohrgungen. Different radiator, reservoir and pump assembly devices are integrated. This case is the first of its kind in as much detail what vervollkommned on water cooling!

Motherboards and graphics cards:
Especially in the high range, even by many of the water cooling users feel at home, extra large compatibility with motherboards and graphics cards is essential. It was taken out here in addition to standard ATX motherboards, ATX (ATX) find eATX and Micro ATX and SR-2 boards without conversion problem space. For graphics cards, especially in two key cards, is required by the extreme length of space. Sun are available without rebuilding 40cm, enough for almost all graphics card models. If this still does not reach, the support for the drives are removed and there are up to 58cm are available.

Special features of the Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Water Case Black case:

Radiator or fan assembly:
Rear: 1x 120 fans (no 140s)
Front: 1 x 200-Radi, 1x 280 or less, 1 x 240 or less - the whole assembly for hard drives can also move back and tighten radiator due to different sizes
Cover: 1x 400 Radi, 1x 480s or smaller, or less than 1x 420, 1x 200
Floor: 1x 400 Radi, 1x 480s or smaller, or less than 1x 420, 1x 200
Between the floor: 1x 400 Radi, 1x 480s or smaller, or less than 1x 420, 1x 200
Side wall to the right: 1x Nova or Super Nova can also be mounted with Nova Box
Left side panel: 1x Nova or Super Nova NOVA assembly option ONLY with Box and Shroud 1x 200 or 180 fans
2x back, 19mm opening
4x top, 19mm opening
6x hose guide, 19mm opening
-2x mounting device pumps the shelf:
internal, middle, below the Main Board
M4 threaded holes
Compatibility: e.g. Laing, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aqua Stream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V DC 260 and DC 400 Phobya, EK-DCP DCP 2.2 & 4.0
Expansion tank
internally, alternative to the radiators
externally, the reverse
5x Slotin holes for mounting possibility of Conditions (tube up to 400mm)
-ON/OFF And Reset
left and right in front of the hole size 19mm
Mainboard compatibility:
ATX, mATX (Micro ATX), eATX, μATX, SR-2
Graphics types of length up to 400mm, 580mm distance to slot
Wheels as feet
-10x 5.25 "drive bays with 9 front-panel
-9x 3.5 "drive bays
-3x power seats - of which 2 to 80 with cover and fan assembly option, length 400mm

Technical details:
Material: Steel
Color: black powder coated
Dimensions (L x W x H): 585 x 243 x 760mm
Weight: 22000g

1x Phobya WaCoolT UltraBig Water Case Black
Mounting hardware
Allen key

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