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Phanteks 6-Pin PCIe extension 50cm - sleeved white
Phanteks 6-Pin PCIe extension 50cm - sleeved white
Phanteks 6-Pin PCIe extension 50cm - sleeved white

Phanteks 6-Pin PCIe extension 50cm - sleeved white


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EAN: 0886523500308
Warranty: 12 months

Modders and PC enthusiasts have high demands on its hardware and the appearance of the PC system. Uniform colorings, consuming water cooling, stylish lighting and a perfect cable management are just a few of the many ways that one can his system Putting a personal stamp.


Manufacturer Phanteks expanding its already extensive range of enclosures, CPU coolers, fans and accessories to stylish now ready sleeved Extension cable, proving the design and functionality do not have to contradict each other. Various data and power cables are available in many color versions to choose from, making individual design solutions can be realized. The significant advantages over the handwritten sleeving the cables consist of guaranteed reliability, clean the optics and high time savings.

For a cable is confused by mistake, the power supply and the connected hardware irreparably destroyed with high security. And the guarantee goes with this kind of rebuilding lost anyway. In addition, the sleeving is very time consuming and only experienced modders manages a uniform appearance.

The peculiarity of Phanteks cable consists firstly in the use of polypropylene fabric for the sleeves. This is significantly higher quality than the usual plastic versions, very tightly woven, absolutely opaque and soft. In addition, each cable is individually encased in a sleeve.

This is a 6-Pin PCIe extension cords with white sleeves and black connectors. It combines a 6-pin PCIe connector with a corresponding socket. In order to achieve the desired optical effect, should first the normal PCIe cable laid hidden and 2. the other cables are replaced in the housing through appropriate Phanteks versions in the same color.

Technical details:
    Length: 500 mm
    Material: polypropylene fabric
    Color: White (Sleeves), Black (terminals)
    1x 6-pin PCIe connector
    1x 6-pin PCIe connector
    Single Sleeves

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