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Mayhems X1 Concentrate, UV Clear Blue - 250ml
Mayhems X1 Concentrate, UV Clear Blue - 250ml
Mayhems X1 Concentrate, UV Clear Blue - 250ml

Mayhems X1 Concentrate, UV Clear Blue - 250ml


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SKU: CB10-WAZU-473
UPC: 0609224351532
EAN: 0609224351532
Warranty: 12 months

Mayhems you can probably call the new star in the sky , the water cooling additives and coolants . The company, founded in England in 2009 has made it its task in accordance with the requirements of the customers effectively address the lack of high-quality, innovative dyes.

The feedback from the users relate the developers of Mayhem's very direct in their manufacturing process with a . So the name Mayhem could soon become synonymous with extreme performance, reliability and exclusivity.


The 250 ml concentrate of Mayhem ' X1 series arise together with , for example, 1.750 ml of the house Ultra Pure H2O a classic ready-mix a cooling liquid , but with particularly environmentally friendly properties . Mayhems ' know- how in terms of color additives meets on innovative color combinations . The finished X1 coolant is recommended for use in systems that "environmentally friendly" attach great importance to the predicate . The different colors can be mixed to make once more individual and novel color compositions . Under UV light, the colors shine very bright and intense.
The X1- mixes and concentrates - here in the shade UV Clear Blue - based on a proprietary formula finest herbal extracts that are biodegradable to 85 percent and have a very low oral toxicity. The 250 ml bottle is of course still comes with a child safety lock in the lid to prevent accidental ingestion . The coolant concentrate are added corrosion protection as well as inhibitors of biological deposits and rot.
Although Mayhem making great efforts to perfect its products , there is no guarantee from the manufacturer that the ready-mixed liquids work in all systems and are compatible with any water cooling system. Until now , however, no restrictions are known and all relevant water cooling systems should work seamlessly with Mayhems X1. To ensure that there are no compatibility problems , a look at the English website of Mayhem is advised.
Notes : The system must be clean and that no chemicals of any kind in the circuit exist. No bleaching agents, biocides and corrosion inhibitors are used. It is recommended , either with distilled water or Mayhem's Ultra Pure H20 to clean your system before use.
Technical details :
Content: 250 ml
Color: blue ( UV Clear Blue , UV-active )
With corrosion protection
relatively clear
Makes up to 1,750 ml of water 2,000 ml of coolant

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