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Mayhems Pastel, Ice White - 1000ml
Mayhems Pastel, Ice White - 1000ml

Mayhems Pastel, Ice White - 1000ml


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UPC: 0609224350917
EAN: 0609224350917
Warranty: 12 months

Mayhems you can probably call the new star in the sky , the water cooling additives and coolants . The company, founded in England in 2009 has made it its task in accordance with the requirements of the customers effectively address the lack of high-quality, innovative dyes.

The feedback of the user , so the feedback , the developers of Mayhem relate this very in their manufacturing process with a . So the name Mayhem could soon become synonymous with extreme performance, reliability and exclusivity.


In the Pastel Series Mayhem has invested more than two years of development time . In cooperation with Ice Dragon Cooling the coolant was finally declared after a long series of tests for market-ready . With its outstanding colors and cooling properties - the coolant will provide even lower temperatures - they trumped by the manufacturer of any other comparable product on the market . The Pastel range combines several great aspects , ranging from the own color mixture with the help of " Mayhem (UV ) Dye " in our range on nano fluid up to the unique Mayhems Magic itself . The lifetime of the system are also Mayhems with ordinary two years.
Ordinary coolant is known to the user rather than clear, transparent solution. Not so with the Pastel of Mayhem . As the name suggests, the variants are decorated in pastel shades , look a viscous and opaque. A novelty in the world of water cooling systems . In addition, the colors can be the Pastel Series - here UV active white - also combine with each other to create by mixing the colors entirely new color compositions .
Although Mayhem making great efforts to perfect its products , there is no guarantee from the manufacturer that the fluids work on all systems and are compatible with any water cooling. Until now , however, no restrictions are known and all relevant water cooling systems work smoothly with " Pastel " by Mayhem together . To ensure that there are no compatibility problems , a look at the official website of Mayhem is advised.
Notes : The system must be clean and that no chemicals of any kind in the system to be present. No bleaching agents, biocides and corrosion inhibitors are used. It is recommended , either with distilled water or Mayhem's Ultra Pure H20 to clean your system before use.
" Pastel " can occur in a production system for use and is designed for continuous use (up to two years) designed to give rise to no signs of wear .
Environmental and safety notes: Mayhems Pastel contains zinc oxide. Do not dispose of it through the waste . This is harmful to the environment . Store in a cool , dry place out of reach of children and animals. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting , unless directed to do so by medical personnel .

Technical details :
Contents: 1 l
Color: Ice White

With corrosion protection
Pastel look
Applicable up to 2 years

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