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Mayhems Pastel Concentrate, Raspberry Purple - 250ml
Mayhems Pastel Concentrate, Raspberry Purple - 250ml
Mayhems Pastel Concentrate, Raspberry Purple - 250ml

Mayhems Pastel Concentrate, Raspberry Purple - 250ml


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SKU: CB10-WAZU-482
UPC: 0609224351471
EAN: 0609224351471
Warranty: 12 months

Mayhems you can probably call the new star in the sky , the water cooling additives and coolants . The company, founded in England in 2009 has made it its task in accordance with the requirements of the customers effectively address the lack of high-quality, innovative dyes.

The feedback from the users relate the developers of Mayhem's very direct in their manufacturing process with a . So the name Mayhem could soon become synonymous with extreme performance, reliability and exclusivity.


In the Pastel Series Mayhem has invested more than two years of development time . In cooperation with Ice Dragon Cooling the coolant was finally declared after a long series of tests for market-ready . With its outstanding colors and cooling properties - the coolant will provide even lower temperatures - they trumped by the manufacturer of any other comparable product on the market . The Pastel Assortment combined - stretched with a three- quarter liter of water - various great aspects , ranging from the own color mixture with the help of " Mayhem (UV ) Dye " in our range on nano fluid up to the unique Mayhems Magic itself . The lifetime of the system are also Mayhems with ordinary two years.
Ordinary coolant is the user , even in the case of colored coolants , rather than relatively clear, transparent solution is known . Not so with the Pastel of Mayhem , here , for example, in the shade Raspberry Purple. All variants provide pastels records which are countless 40 nanometers , tiny particles which makes them appear very thick and are relatively opaque. A novelty in the world of water cooling systems . In addition, the colors of the pastel - series can also be combined with each other to create by mixing the colors entirely new color compositions .
Although Mayhem making great efforts to perfect its products , there is no guarantee from the manufacturer that the ready-mixed liquids work in all systems and are compatible with any water cooling system. Until now , however, no restrictions are known and all relevant water cooling systems should work seamlessly with Mayhems Pastel . To ensure that there are no compatibility problems , a look at the English website of Mayhem is advised.
Notes : The system must be clean and that no chemicals of any kind in the circuit exist. No bleaching agents, biocides and corrosion inhibitors are used. It is recommended , either with distilled water or Mayhem's Ultra Pure H20 to clean your system before use.
Mayhems Pastel can occur in a production system for use and is designed for continuous use (up to two years) designed to give rise to no signs of wear .
Environmental and Safety : Mayhems Pastel contains zinc oxide. Do not dispose of it through the waste . This is harmful to the environment . Store in a cool , dry place out of reach of children and animals. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting , unless directed to do so by medical personnel .

Technical details :
Content: 250 ml
Color: Purple ( Purple Raspberry )

With corrosion protection
Pastel look
Applicable up to two years
Makes 750 ml of water 1,000 ml coolant

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